You know when you watch a film and it is fucking awesome. Then they make a part 2 and it becomes a let down and you start to dislike part 1 because part 2 is so bad. This is not going to be like that!! Here it is, the one that will shake the fucking tree and see the bad apples fall from it. A Community Divided Part Two.

Who the fuck invented the CPSR?

Right, here’s the issue we have and part of the reason why the community is divided.

We have all that is good about the Beard Community, the UK brands, the reviewers and consumers who support said UK brands. There are the beard clubs (when they aren’t being little bitches), the Portal and the brands themselves. Then there’s the faction that is trying to belittle the UK beard companies, The ones who love the Americans and think that they are far superior. These are the people who are being toxic because they think they know better and are above everyone else. That’s right, the cunts!

Apparently I didn’t use that word enough in the last blog so expect plenty more of it this time!!

This all comes down to the issues that arise due to CPSR’s. The good old industry standard that is there to protect consumers from dodgy products. You know the ones! You can buy stuff by messaging people and sending payments over PayPal or direct bank transfer or some other shite. You don’t know what’s in there, only that some guy or girl says it’s great and you should trust this stranger on Instagram or Facebook.

Look, check out this blog by me or this one by Docks Bearded Reviews. That should give you an idea about how important the CPSR is.

Cunts who don’t have a CPSR

Some people think they are above the law when it comes to CPSR’s. I have spoken to a few brands that genuinely believed that it wasn’t a necessity so they didn’t want to get one. They believed that a CPSR was something that wasn’t mandatory!! Some people are thick cunts.  If you don’t have one then you are breaking the law and can be fined a decent amount of cash and/or face imprisonment. As much as we might agree or disagree on this, there is just the facts that you can go by. The fact is it is a legal requirement.

You then have individuals making their own products. This is fine if they are just making it for themselves but, if it’s for someone else then you should get it tested and legally approved. Especially if you are going to charge for it. One such person is the mixologist. This cunt is one of the biggest reasons that we have a divide along with some of the previously mentioned brands. He makes his own products and sells them illegally through Instagram and wherever else he sells them.

Now, I’m sure he has tested them and thinks they are safe but without proper labelling including ingredients and allergens, this prick is putting people at risk. have a look at his labels.


Now I’m sure the ingredients, listed with their correct names as per CPSR laws, and all the allergens are on the side you can’t see. If they are, I would love to see the evidence! However, I very much doubt that this cowboy has these written down on a separate sticker because he is such a fucking hero. No batch numbers, no nothing. His writing is fairly neat though so kudos for that! I stole the photo off of Instagram from the mighty Rusty. Thanks fella!

If I hear ‘American brands are better’ one more time…..

The mixologist loves American brands. I’m pretty sure he uses the butter as a wanking lube but there is no proof to back this up. Thankfully! He goes on and on with his cronies that American is best. He also moans that UK brands don’t experiment enough. Okay, I kind of understand this to a degree and as I mentioned in part 1 there is a reason for this. We know that some carrier oils are better than others and they are the ones that are widely used within the UK. Jojoba oil, Castor, Grapeseed, Sweet Almond, Argan to name just a few.

There are other carriers that are used but then if you want to push the boat out and go for some crazy oils then you can try Kukui nut, Calendula, Baobab, Emu oil if you aren’t a vegan and the list goes on. A lot of these carrier oils have similar properties and benefits to the ones listed above. The main difference is price and availability. Some carriers are harder to get hold of, more expensive and won’t actually work any better than your widely used oils.

American brands are not better than UK brands. They are different, yes, but they aren’t all amazing companies. Some are very average and some are shit. Same as here

There’s no sense in scents

I love a nice scent as much as the next cunt, but, I don’t want it to start peeling my skin off like some fucking zombie in the Walking Dead! This is why carriers are used and also why there is a restriction to how much Fragrance or Essential oils you can add to your product. If you use too much, it could override the whole purpose of the carriers and cause severe issues for your skin. You’d be a stupid cunt to buy anything that isn’t regulated from Instagram or Facebook anyway and I’m sure most of you aren’t that thick.

It’s all very well wanting UK brands to push the boat out with scents but unlike the mixologist, brands care about the law and want to ensure their products are safe for the customers. Stop being a cunt about it and if you genuinely wanted to help then you would give advice, show brands what they can do within the limits of the law. Or, maybe you don’t understand or care about that.

Back to brands

Here’s a case in point where this prick puts other brands down. When Beardolution posted that they were closing down (As if that’s actually gonna happen. He’s just on holiday!), He put a post up about it.

I don’t know if you can read that so I’ll put it here.

“Now my collection of @beardolutionltd products may not be the most extensive but it is THE ONLY British/UK company worth owning! It’s sad when one of the good companies closes but such is life! I hope the community can change enough for you to make a return Radim, I think it needs these products now more than ever!”

A couple of points to go over here. First of all, I totally agree that it is sad when a good company closes and I don’t dispute the fact that Beardolution made good products. But to say it is THE ONLY UK company worth owning is a serious put down of plenty of decent UK brands.

What’s so special?

What actually made Beardolution so special. For me it was the branding. The scents were okay, some really good, some not so good. Nothing really extraordinary. He did produce the CBD products which were by all accounts pretty decent. But why is it THE ONLY UK brand worth owning? Is it the carrier oils? They used the same widely used carriers that other brands did with the exception of Carrot seed, so that’s a no.

In fact, if the mixologist did his homework he would see that By Odin’s Beard Craft have the most diverse range of carrier oils in the UK market. (That follow the law) Not only do they use Sweet Almond, Avocado, Argan, Castor, Fractionated Coconut and Rosehip (which is becoming more popular) but also Hemp (again, gaining popularity), Sea Buckthorn, Moringa and Baobab. That’s 10 carriers with 3 of them rarely/if at all seen in the UK market. If that isn’t experimenting then I don’t know what is!

The scents didn’t last all day long and they weren’t out of this world. He did make some memorable ones such as the valentines butter which was decent. Other scents were give and take for me personally and I’ve smelt better fragrances. I’ve also smelt worse so how was he trying to push forward?

Other brands use essential oils only to produce some amazing scents. Not using fragrance oils can impact the length of time a scent lasts but is much better for your beard. I have nothing against using fragrance oils, some of them are amazing but they do come in a bottle, as that scent! No real pushing of boundaries there!


The other point?

The part where he says, ‘I hope the community can change enough for you’ is probably the strangest sentence in there. Let me be very clear. Radim pushed the community away at every opportunity. Slagging people off behind their back and being friendly to their face. Blocking brands and taking the piss when some of those brands started new businesses.

This was a dig at John of Big Phat Beard who had another business which was called Wish Play Win. It’s a raffle competition where you spend x amount of money on a ticket to win a prize such as a PS5. Now, this might be seen as banter by some but taking pot shots at a business that has nothing to do with beards is pretty low, even for Radim. John did confront him and I believe he told Radim to “keep my business out of your fucking mouth” way before Will Smith said it! (Wording might be different. done for dramatic effect)

So, here’s a man that intentionally drives other people away. Creating issues and problems with people for absolutely no reason and the community needs to change for him. Get a fucking grip! Sometimes people need to change their own attitude and behaviour to fit in with others. If you don’t want to be a part of the community that is fine. Other brands don’t get involved in the community but they don’t act like cunts!

Jumping on the bandwagon

There was one comment on the thread that came from Coggers_corner. A decent guy who knows his stuff and I have nothing against Tom personally. However I am a little bit disappointed with his comments. Here they are….

Coggers  “Very true statements made here mate”

Mixologist “indeed! who knew trying to unite would cause such division”

Coggers “The divide comes from trying to push the market forward and showing what can be done”

Mixologist “that’s the good kind of divide I’d want”

Coggers “Same here! Divide because everyone is trying to push forward but still have levels of respect for the people pushing forward rather than just shunning them for being different”

You’re causing the divide, cunt!

Again, I have to be clear here. Nobody started off shunning Beardolution. It was Radim himself who started to shun others. Radim was the one to block people and brands and not the other way around. That is a ridiculous comment to make especially when the person making it knew exactly what Radim was doing. People only started losing respect when he started to behave like a child. Radim did not try to unite anyone or anything and wasn’t pushing the market forward with regards to either carriers or scents.

Now, apparently Radim feels that because he doesn’t want to comply with the portal and send over his safety sheets that he has been shunned. This is a completely different story where he wanted to join the portal. The Portal asked him, as they do every brand, for evidence of their CPSR. Radim came back saying that his lawyer or barrister and his accountant advised him not to show us. What the fuck? No other brand has done or said this. They have all been willing to show their reports so I don’t get it.

It wasn’t as if the portal was asking to see the ingredient mix or the fragrance oils used etc. Just the page listing the product names and the page with the chemists signature. In fact it is the consumers legal right to ask to see these pages of a CPSR and it cannot be refused. It all seems a bit shady to me but what do I know?

Mixologist knows nothing!

Well, he might know a few things. By all accounts his products are pretty good, even if they are illegally sold and don’t have a CPSR. He also reviews products, mainly from the USA but he has done a couple of reviews on UK brands. There hasn’t been much detail other than the fact that they aren’t all that!

He did a review for Beard Manners. It was the Rum Old Fashioned oil and butter. Let me explain something here. The products were second hand. The first picture is from Coggers who originally had the product.

Looks great right. Not much product used for a review but, not everyone tests products as rigorously as me! Here’s the picture that Mixologist took of the same product. Just to make it clear, these guys share products with each other. It’s like wife swapping but without the women involved! (Who knows, maybe that is also going on. After all we do know a certain maverick reviewer who sent dick pics to women!)

If you know anything about beard products you would be able to tell straight away that something was not right with this butter. Especially if you are someone that makes your own beard products. (even if you do sell them illegally! Have I said that before?) To actually then go and review it, putting up this picture is a complete cunt move and was done entirely on purpose. Why? Fuck knows but my guess is to try and belittle the UK market and the brand.

To be fair he did compliment the carrier oil base and even mentioned the scent profile not lasting that long because of CPSR rules. However, to then talk about the butters texture knowing full well it’s had someone else’s fingers in it and was originally opened in January of 2021 (This picture was taken in October 2021), is a complete farce.

Jason, the owner of Beard Manners had a few choice words to say and mixologist did take the post down, eventually. If I was to receive a butter like that I would contact the brand owner and have a chat. Although, I don’t do sloppy seconds like some of these cunts!


My opinion

I think that there are a few individuals that are wanting to split the community apart. Radim and mixologist are just 2. Spartan Marriot is up the arse of mixologist and although he’s a nice guy, he definitely has a disdain for the UK market. After all, he used to support Beard Manners and say how amazing they were. Since the whole butter review bullshit, there’s not been a peep from him regarding UK brands until Beardolution closed down. There are more people who want to split the community up and I say to you, let’s fucking have it.

I love this bearded community of ours, the people (most of them!) are fantastic and are fully behind our UK brands. They love the chats they have with the owners. The banter, the honesty and the full on love that is felt by these small businesses when a customer buys from them. None of them try to put down other brands, block people or act like spoilt fucking kids. They are there to sell their products, yes. But they are also there to be a part of the community and not tear it down with negativity.

The good side

There is a good side to the community, as I stated above.

Obviously I am going to mention the UK Beard Portal. Born in 2021 to help support UK brands, to guide them, give them advice and a place where they can feel at home. It’s also for the consumer. Somewhere they can find legally compliant brands and read or watch reviews on their products. There is also a Discord chat where they can all have a laugh together, building the foundations for a strong community.

There are others as well. Ollie from Wildhare is always trying to do something within the community and his latest Charity raffle for Ukraine involved loads of UK brands. Coming together to do something good as a group, regardless of being in competition with each other. Some things are bigger than that. I know Ollie has a massive ego and can be a bit of a cock (He really doesn’t care about offending people) but he has genuinely done something good here. I take my hat off to him for that, even though he blocked me for saying the scent of his oils didn’t last very long!!

Someone else who is big in the community is Damo 4 Show. This guy does have an ego the size of the milky way and he can definitely be a bit much. I’ve had first hand experience when I met him at Beard On. He was like a fucking energiser bunny, loud, always moving and never shutting the fuck up! But, he does bring people together. He has a club where people can join (For £5 a fucking month mind. Sorry fella, I’m too tight for that!!) and meet other like minded people.

Damo also does loads for charity and holds beard brand quizzes which are extremely popular. He has a big personality and is an ever present at beard competitions throughout the country. Another way he gets involved with the community. Love him, hate him or just put up with him, he is good for the bearded community.


There are great people in this bearded community of ours and I’m glad to be a part of it. I may have made enemies today but I don’t give a fuck. If I have opened some peoples eyes to what is really going on then this has all been worth it. The most important thing is to surround yourself with positive people who support you and what you do.

Let us continue to build this amazing community and maybe the negative cunts who just seem to want to destroy it will see the error of their ways and join in. We will welcome you with open arms (after you apologise for being cunts!).

Lastly I want to thank you, my readers and followers for reading this blog and letting me get this off my chest. I hope this has been valuable for you and if you ever want to talk, get advice for your beard or just sound off I am here for you.


Thanks for reading A Community Divided Part Two. If you want to have a go at me please feel free to message me on Insta either privately or on the comments of my post. Remember, I don’t give a fuck!!

Take care and keep growing




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