Well, I thought I had put away my keyboard and lost the use of my typing skills forever! But, sometimes I just need to get things off my chest and this is a big weight that is hanging over the beard community. Am I the right person to reveal all the shit that goes on behind the scenes? Should I tell people about the lies from brands and so called pillars of the beard world? You are damn fucking right I should! Listen up friends, enemies, brands and people that have blocked me. Your ego might survive this but your reputations will be in pieces. A Community Divided but, hopefully, not for long!!

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about the people who try to belittle the work and effort put in by UK companies. They suck the dicks of American brands talking about how much better they are than those in the UK. Now let’s be absolutely clear on one thing. In the UK all cosmetic brands must have a CPSR by law. A CPSR is a Cosmetic Product Safety Report and the restrictions are pretty tough. So, if you are a beard brand and want to use loads of fragrance oil in your product, then think again!

The amount of fragrance or essential oil you can put in a 30ml beard oil is extremely small. Normally around 3% max of your whole product. There are also lots of ingredients that are banned by UK law, mainly due to them being dangerous for humans to use. The CPSR keeps the consumer safe from these products. Ingredients that can burn your skin or damage your hair. This is a good thing but it does have its drawbacks.

In America there are no such restrictions. They are free to put as much as 20% fragrance oil into their products. This makes the scent last a very long time but due to the fact there is a smaller % of carrier oils to mitigate the effects of the Fragrance/essential oils. Here’s a link for carrier oils info that you might find useful. As you can see carrier oils are essential in beard products. Nobody wants to burn the skin off their face.

I’m getting to the point, fear not!

The point!

Right, let’s get some facts straight. There is a divide in the community. There are factions all over the place and no one has successfully brought the whole community together. You have the beard clubs such as Bearded Villains, Bearded Rebellion Beard Club, The British Beard Club, The Wessex Beardsmen and plenty more. Then you have the cunts from The Beard Struggle who literally just want to get fucked in the arse by Thor and Eddie, using their very average cooking oil as lube. You also have Damo’s Beardy Fun Club. (More on this later!)

The problem with being in some of these clubs is there is a lot of restrictions, a lot of hoops to jump through and some bitchiness against other clubs and within the clubs themselves. I was a part of The Bearded Villains Northern Monkeys and they were a fantastic bunch of guys that always had your back. But, there were other BV groups that would bitch about each other and other groups in BV. The other thing is you have to post regularly which is the main reason I left. Time is precious to me and I couldn’t commit to regular posts. Other groups have been known to be proper cunts. Look out for something coming from my man Docks Bearded Reviews soon.

There is iBeardclub and The UK Beard Portal. The iBeardclub is an exclusive membership programme that charges brands to be part of it. They also charge £20 a year for you and I to join. To be fair, £5 of every membership goes to charity and I’m sure there are plenty of benefits to being a member. Have a look at the website to find out more.

The UK Beard Portal is currently free to everyone, brands included. The idea behind is it to give consumers a one stop shop where they can find legally compliant brands and see reviews by some of the best reviewers in the UK. It is also there to help brands grow, give them advice and support them in their journey. They really want to bring the UK community together in a fun, friendly, bullshit free environment.

Then there are the brands.

The brands

Let’s be honest, every brand is out for themselves. However, there is a lot of respect for each other. At least from most of them! Some brands talk to others, having a laugh, taking the piss and generally getting on really well. Then you have the brands that want to keep themselves to themselves. They don’t want to get involved and generally mind their own business.

There is also a very small amount of brands that talk shit, lie, exaggerate and act like fucking kids. Two brands spring to mind with this behaviour. Odin’s Beard Care is one. The guy who owns it regularly moans about something or other. One minute it’s about the amount of discounts, the next thing he has a discount. Still, he’s not as bad as the next guy.

That guy is Radim from Beardolution. Now, I have nothing against the products, they are pretty decent. I love the branding and some of the scents are really good. But, the guy behind the brand is a bit of a cunt. Let me tell you exactly why as I know some people like him and I will give you facts whereas Radim will bullshit his way out of everything!!

Blocking, lying, being a cunt!

So, I used to get on with Radim, had a few chat and bought some of his stuff. I reviewed the After Dark Butter which was a decent butter in fairness, although the smell was awful! In my opinion it smelt like my Grans bedroom. (You can read the review here.) Oh, and I’m still waiting for Ginger Beast Beard Reviews to put up a picture of his ass!!! (Insert Winky face emoji!)

That was part of my butter reviews, but it was his conversation with Callum of The Bald Viking that caused Radim to block me. Callum did put a story up about it but here is the basic facts of the story.

Radim put a post up about his Independence oil and began to slate Viking companies and constant discounts. Now I presumed he was mainly digging at TBS but it was in fact all Viking themed brands. I get the discounts bit as there are a lot but, if that is your business plan then who are we to argue with that. It’s your business, run it the way you fucking want to and fuck anyone else! Now, Radim had blocked a lot of brands including The Bald Viking before putting this post up. Speaks volumes in itself!

The reason he blocked people was apparently because he didn’t need to see other brands or their discounts. Laughable when he mentioned it all the time to other people and on stories etc. Now, Callum thought that was the end of it but no, Radim likes to have a good old moan.

There he is, making shit up. He accused Callum of saying his butters were better than anyone else when he didn’t! Then he said he couldn’t remember who told him that. Let me assure you, Radim will have a copy of these conversations. This went on for about 18 pages, FRONT AND BACK! (Sorry, Friends reference!) That might be a slight exaggeration but it was pretty long.

Toxic people make toxic stories

After some back and forth bullshit this was said by Radim….


So, he is calling me and all of the guys that support Big Phat Beard sellouts! Are the customers sellouts as well? I hadn’t even finished my reviews at this point so he obviously held a grudge against me for saying his butter reminded me of my Grans bedroom. Sour much? Looks like someone can’t take criticism of any kind. I also said that I wasn’t keen on BPB’s butter scent but it wasn’t as overpowering! Didn’t get blocked by John.

Here’s what I had to say to Radims face (albeit by message!!) and not behind his back as is the want of the man himself. I’m not the only one he has slagged off behind his back, talking the big talk until someone finds out.

What a cunt!

Things went quiet for a while then he landed a punch against the UK Beard Portal. Radim started a collection to support the children of Ukraine at this really difficult time. A great idea for a great cause. As I do the socials for the Portal, I decided to share this great cause to try and help. Beardolution aren’t part of the Portal and I’ll explain why later! However, I thought it was worth a share and it didn’t matter that they weren’t involved with us. But, he went and put this post up.

Let us remember that he has blocked most of the brands on the Portal and me, so clearly this was an attempt to turn people against the Portal. A completely unnecessary story that was a total cunt move, even for him. Imagine using a charitable event to try and split the community, cause more of a divide and try to make himself come off as the good guy. Unacceptable in my book and goes to show what kind of person he really is. A cunt!

Not long after this and after Docks Bearded Reviews said a few words to him about his cuntishness, this happened












Well, well, well. Look, it is a shame when brands have to close down and it is sad to see a small business leave the beard world as they did have some really good products. But again there are more lies. He says it wasn’t his income even though he said to someone else that he needs this business to feed his kids! Which one is it? He then talks about crooked and dishonest people exploiting customers for profits. Who the fuck is he talking about? Himself?

I will support anyone who is legally building a small beard business in the UK but when they become cunts then I have no more room for them. I will tell you this for nothing. Beardolution will not be closed down for long. They will be back and this is just a ploy to get attention and try to divide the community even further.

Apparently, he’s on annual leave. His barrister has looked over his charity by all accounts. Who the fuck has a barrister on retainer? His barrister or lawyer also said he didn’t have to show his CPSR when he was about to join the Portal. Now, that is a legal requirement and if, as a consumer, I wanted to see a CPSR then any decent, law abiding company would have no problems in showing this. Of course, they wouldn’t show their ingredient percentages or mix etc, just what items had a CPSR and a signature from the chemist who actioned it.

He didn’t want to show his CPSR and we were fine with that. It is his prerogative but it all seemed a bit off to me. Nevertheless, we still supported him with this charitable cause.

Let’s leave it there for now but I will be back on Thursday this week to finish the story and tell you more on the people who are trying to divide this wonderful bearded community.


Thanks for reading A Community Divided, take care and keep growing


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  1. Great Blog! What a bellend, pretending to close your business every 5 mins for attention is the adult version of running away from home and coming back crying 2 mins later.

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