A little bit of the good stuff!

Here we are, another day, another week, another month. As the year winds down, the weather changes and we head towards the Big C, a few things have changed. This year has been crazy but it isn’t over yet. Let me tell you about a little bit of the good stuff!

What’s good?

I started this website in March of this year just as the lockdown started in the UK. During the time since I have built social media followings on Instagram and Facebook. I also launched a YouTube channel, which I have unfortunately had to put on hold due to time constraints and various commitments.

What has been the best thing for me is meeting other people through all of this. People who have similar interests and passions. People who have beards (Mainly men!!). The beard community is huge and has some amazing people who want to help each other.

Beard Companies

During my Beard Blog journey I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with some amazing Beard Companies. From Bartels Beard Oil to Onesociety. Hinterlands Beard Oil to Big Phat Beard. I have also been lucky enough to try and review oils from Beard Tings, who haven’t even gone live yet. Let me tell you, they have some awesome products on their way!!

All of these brands are small batch companies who pretty much do everything by themselves. They aren’t big brand behemoths who mass produce their oil in huge quantities with cheap ingredients. Big brands who can afford to spend thousands of pounds on marketing and on celebrity endorsements.

These guys work hard, often in their spare time after finishing their day job, to produce outstanding products of an extremely high quality. They use top draw carrier oils and they make these oils and balms with a real passion, not for money, but more for providing an amazing product that the customer will want to buy again and again.

Helping the little guy

Over the months I have decided to work with the smaller brands, help them into the spotlight and see them fly. I have reviewed many products and I am proud to say that I review each one with the time and effort they deserve. I use the products for at least a week before reviewing them and I give a thorough and honest account of the product.

These guys are special in the way that anyone who has the courage to start their own business is special. Unfortunately, the big guns can spend big bucks to push their brand into the stratosphere. This leads to what I call consumer brainwashing. It is where people buy into the brand and think it is amazing, because they have been told it is.

It’s not always true though and I have found that out as I have widened my knowledge, gained experience and have tried out some truly stunning products. Check out the below reviews for some of the best oils on the market today.

I would encourage you all to do the same and look after the little guy. It’s a figure of speech because I count these men and women as giants. Leaders in the Beard industry and in my opinion some of the best damn beard oils you will find today. Support the small batch companies and you will find riches beyond the dreams of your beard!

What’s up next?

Okay, some exciting news for me! I have joined up with Norwegian apparel company The Fall Clothing and can offer you 20% off all clothing with the code TBB20. Just add it in the checkout. I will be doing a company overview on TFC very soon so look out for that.

There will be several more product reviews lined up with Onesociety, Arthur J Hawke, Bartels Beard Oil and Percy Nobleman. I am also waiting for some products for the awesomely named Infernal Beard Co who will be next after my Smoked Amber by Beard Tings review. Looking forward to seeing what these guys have to offer.

I will also be creating some Christmas Gifts for Him blogs and a Top10 Beard Oils review for the end of the year. All incoming along with my regular posts and who knows, maybe I’ll get back on the fitness trail again! There are a lot of things to come in the near future and expect plenty of great content in 2021.

Thanks for reading A little bit of the good stuff, while you are here check out my honest review of The Beard Struggle Beard Balm

Take care and keep growing


TBB20 for 20% off

If you are a new or existing Beard Product company and would like me to do an honest review of your products, then please get in touch. You can email me at tony@thebeardedbrit.com or get in touch via Instagram.

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  1. Awesome Blog bro! love all the amazing companies we have here and all the support people like yourself give us! Thankyou Bro!!

  2. Awesome stuff Tony! The reviews your pumping out at the minute are fantastic, non biased and honest which is brilliant! Supporting the small batch companies is superb, the amount of work we put into developing our products is scary! Thank you for the recognition!
    Keep up the good work!

  3. A great read as always dude! Thanks for the shoutout 🙂

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