A quick cuppa

This morning I only have time for a quick cuppa and a quick blog!

An early start

I have an early start today so not much time to go into any real detail with anything. Normally I write something the night before but, other things happened so I didn’t! Simple as that really! I don’t really have many early starts at the moment which is good but sometimes, work calls and I must answer.

This week brings several things to the site. The final instalment of A History of Beards will be out on Tuesday, another beard product review on Friday and a clothing review on Wednesday. Other things might appear during the week although, only Thursday seems to be free unless I choose to bring something on the Saturday!

Overall, another busy writing week and there will be more to come in the next few weeks and months.

The UK Beard Portal

It is coming! This is one of the most exciting developments for the UK beard community that has ever happened. Don’t just take my word for it! Follow the UK Beard Portal on Instagram. You can find out a bit more about this my blog by clicking here.

This website will be launching on Monday the 22nd of March and I cannot wait!

Right, that’s your lot for this morning, short and sweet but I’ll be back with more soon! I’m off to do some work and drink a quick cuppa or two!

Thanks for reading, take care and keep growing


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