Another week

Well, it’s another week of this crazy year! Who knows what will happen next in the next few months as we head to the big C! All we can be sure of is that there will be plenty more drama to come yet!

The week ahead

There is plenty to come from me this week, with as little drama as possible! First up will be my review of Arthur J Hawke’s Cherry Cola beard oil. That’s gonna be here on Wednesday.

Then, I’m getting some more products from a couple of awesome Beard Brands for me to review. Can’t wait to try these bad boys out! To find out more about what I’ll be reviewing check out my Instagram the.beardedbrit. Don’t forget to follow when you get there!

After that I’ll be bringing you an update on my fitness goals. I’ve been nursing an injury so haven’t been able to do much recently but I’m back on it this week!

Beard Oils

As you can probably tell from my featured image, I have been neglecting my beard. Well, not neglecting as such, just letting it go wild. I haven’t been using any products except for Beard Shampoo for a few days. It’s good sometimes to let the beard breathe, as long as it’s not for too long.

One of the reasons I haven’t used any products is because it gives me a better position to review new products from. What I mean by that is, I can see how the oil works on my beard when it has been product free. It helps to form a more honest opinion as there is no left over residue from other products.

I wouldn’t recommend leaving your beard without oil, balm or butter for too many days as it will dry out the hair. One or two days is fine before using some of the awesome oils I’m sure you have! Anyway, more to come on that soon.

A few changes

In the next few weeks there will be some changes as I simplify the website to bring it back to its original purpose. To talk about beards! I have probably over expanded into too many areas and want to focus more on the core subject with more product reviews and beard chat.

I’ll still have other things to share with you so it isn’t just beards, beards, beards all the time! Things like other product reviews so you can get the best gear on the market today. Like Tauros wallets etc.. Watch this space!

That’s everything for now, why not check out my Beard Tings Beard Oil Review – Vanilla Killa.

Thanks for stopping by, take care and keep growing


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