An interesting question, especially when you consider it’s been such a big part of my journey. It is a question that has been burning inside me for some time now and the answer might surprise you. Are beard product reviewers relevant? Read on to find out.

Why I started reviewing beard products

It was 2020 and we just went in to lockdown. I already had a beard and had been using various beard products. From By My Beard to Bulldog, from Mo Bro’s to Percy Nobleman and then the brand that shall not be named! Mainly because it’s shit and the ambassasheep are all cunts! (Yeah, you guessed it, I’m talking about the beard struggle). Whoops, don’t know how that happened!

It was at that point I decided to start a blog and beard review website and The Bearded Brit was born. I was an ambassador for the cunts but soon woke up from the black sleep of khali to see that there was actual quality beard products out there!

I enjoyed using different beard products and experiencing their scents and carrier oils, discovering what I liked and what I wasn’t keen on. Writing my opinions down in a review seemed like a good idea and there were a few others doing it around the same time. I wanted to be different from those around me and having a website and my unique star rating soon had brands reaching out to me. Some of them even got nervous (John McCourt!!) the day before I released my reviews, which was a nice feeling!!

The interaction with different brands, speaking to members of the community about their experiences and trying new products was fantastic and I loved the whole community aspect. There were some unfortunate individuals who didn’t really know what they were talking about but they soon drifted away. I felt great and really enjoyed writing these reviews.

Back to the point!

So, are beard product reviewers relevant? The short answer is no, they are not relevant. What a reviewer says in their video, Instagram post or written article has very little influence on what someone else buys. You see, our reach is not actually that big. The same people read or watch the same articles/videos by the same reviewers and it is all a bit samey!

I mean, how many different ways can you describe what a beard oil does for your beard? “It makes my beard feel soft”, “The scent is different to anything I’ve ever smelt”, “This balm has a really good hold”, blah. blah, blah!

That isn’t to say that the reviews aren’t fun to read or that they don’t contain good information. Some of them do. Some of them really don’t but as I said before those guys have all fucked off like quivering little cunts that want only the tip inserted. 

What is relevant?

I tell you what is a lot more relevant for beard brands. Google, trust pilot or facebook reviews are much more effective to help push a brand further and let people know how good it is. There are downsides to this. For example, The Beard Struggle have over 30,000 5 star reviews. Now, I’m not saying they don’t have genuine 5 star reviews from customers that aren’t ambassadors. But, considering they have over 15,000 sheep that promote their shit and the fact they offered points for leaving 5 star reviews, makes me think a lot of them are not genuine!!

A lot of the brands have a review widget plugged in to their website or use a review platform such as Yotpo . This is a great way to leave a review and surely this would mean you get genuine, honest reviews which the brand is happy to keep there because it maintains integrity and trust with their customers. Wouldn’t it?

Well, no! I left a review with Wildhare UK on the 10th August which appeared on their website straight away. Here’s a screenshot of that review. As you can see I gave it a 2 star review and gave my honest opinion on the scent. I know, a bit harsh but you don’t want a review to tell you a load of bollocks, do you? You want an honest, truthful opinion. Not just a friend of the brand owner sucking his dick and giving a review that isn’t really justified so that the product and brand looks better than it is. (P.S. I’m the top Tony, not the 2nd one!!)

So, I thought I would pop back on to the Wildhare website and check out my review, which, unless the product had received more reviews should be at the top. There was 7 pages of reviews for this one product alone so I went through all of them. Check out the screenshots.

What? Where the fuck is my review? 

So, you can’t trust your small batch brand either. Advertising 434 certified reviews means fuck all if you just go and delete ones you don’t like. I understand why a business would do it. It keeps your standing within the industry high and makes customers think you are truly fantastic, but, it makes you look like a bit of a cunt in my eyes because now I know you can’t be trusted. 

Maybe this wee blog will open peoples eyes to what brands do to ensure they look amazing when they are just average. It’s all in the marketing and having your friends post multiple reviews on your site for you. 

I’m not saying all brands do this but I am saying that some do. If it’s Facebook, Trust Pilot or Google reviews then it is more likely to be genuine. Although that is not necessarily the case. Fucking confusing right!! I guess the only way you can really tell how good a product is would be to try it yourself.

The American Reviewers

Somewhere that beard product reviewers are relevant is in America. These guys know how to leverage brands to make money from them and get followers on their channels. Yes that’s right, they get money from brands to review their products. I’m in the wrong fucking country!!

However, there is a sinister side to all of this that once I reveal it will leave you……. well, you probably already know!

There are reviewers out there that have a fair few followers/subscribers and they get a fair few likes/views on their stuff. YouTube is the main social media forum for these guys to ply their trade. The biggest two are BeardTube with 234k subscribers and some videos hitting 2 million + views. He’s a funny, quirky fella who likes to belch during his videos. Then there is Dan C Bearded with 60k subscribers and hitting around 220k views at the top end. (I’m not a fan of Dan C, his videos are boring and he’s a bit of a prick!!)

Now, there is a lot of beef in the American beard reviewing community and there are rumours of a hierarchy where if you go against one, you basically fuck yourself. There are also rumours that some reviewers will charge up to $2k to give a good review. 

You heard that right! Not $2k to give an honest review but to give a good review. Essentially this means that the reviewers are lying about a product to line their pockets. Who the fuck can you trust? Certainly not any of these fuckers involved in the big reviewing scam of America!! 

I don’t know who it is that’s involved in this but if you want to share any info message me on Insta!

So, are beard product reviewers relevant?

Still no, but also a little bit yes! If you find a reviewer that knows their stuff and is always honest about the products they use then maybe they can help you decide whether a product is any good. Don’t trust the reviews on the website, look deeper and check out any Google reviews they have or Facebook ones. They might have some 3 or 4 star reviews on there but at least it shows they are an honest brand.


Will I be doing more reviews?

At the moment I really don’t know. I don’t know which direction I will go in but I will continue to write blogs that educate, make you laugh, cause controversy and give you an insight into who I am! 

That’s it for now, thanks for reading Are beard product reviewers relevant? Why not read my last review (is that irony?) Beard Manners – The Rum Old Fashioned Review.

I’ll be back next week with another blog before my summer holidays.

Take care and keep growing