Well, it finally arrived. My appointment with the barber. At last, a trim!

What did I have done?

First off I had my head shaved. Not just a number 1 but all the way down! I’m going bald, might as well embrace it!! Then came the beard. Now, I’m lucky to have a barber who is patient and lets me take my time at each stage of the trim.

In fact, there isn’t another barber within 100 miles that I would trust with my mane! He was more than patient when I was in, he was Saint like!!

Beard trim!

I didn’t want to lose the length but my sides were going crazy and no balm I tried could hold that together!! I also decided that I wanted to go to a point rather than fade it into the head. Something different and I like it! Let me know what you think in the comments.

So, he took weight out of the sides, pointed the top and tidied up the underneath giving it a more defined shape. Boy did it feel good! After 3 months of letting my beard just grow it felt great to have it tidied up.

Why didn’t I do it myself?

Well, I think I have explained this before but here goes. I don’t trust my shaky hands! It’s as simple as that. I will do a number 5 grade all over as that is easy. I will even attempt to get my neck line right but I will not trim the sides or any other part of my beard.

I have made that mistake before, never again! It took a while to find the right barber as all the ones in my town were nearly as bad as me. I travelled over 60 miles to try and find a decent beard barber. Eventually I tried back in the town and a new barber on the scene. I’ve never looked back!

Have you had your beard trimmed?

Let me know what you do with your beard in the comments. Do you trim it yourself or do you, like me, go to a barber to sort out your mane?

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Take care and keep growing



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