Bartel’s – Beard Oil Review

Dawid Bartel started making his own oils in 2019. He wanted to develop an oil that he could trust and knew exactly what was going into it. He is fully CPSR certified which means the ingredients he uses are 100% safe! Bartel’s have 3 beard oils at the minute and for this I tested the Beard O’ The Forest. Read on for my Bartel’s – Beard Oil Review.

What did I get?

I went for all 3 beard oils in the 10ml tester size. The scents that Bartel’s have so far are Beard O’ The Forest, Indian Spice and Vanilla and Cinnamon. You can read more about them in my Bartel’s Beard Oil Overview.

When you look at the label it has the sense that you have an oil of real quality inside. The writing is elegant and the pop of colour makes it stand out.

I couldn’t wait to smell all three and I wasn’t disappointed. All 3 fragrances were true representations of what their name indicated. I was torn between which one to use for this review and in the end I went for the forest scent.

Don’t worry I will be writing up my reviews on the other oils in the very near future!

Testing the beard oil.

As always I like to wash or at least rinse my beard before applying any oil. After patting it down to get rid of any excess water, I then applied the oil.

It was a non beard wash day when I tried the oil which meant I could really get to grips with the fragrance. And it delivered in spades!

So, let’s get into my 5 key factors for the Bartel’s – Beard Oil Review.


I immediately got a hit of fresh pine and the eucalyptus followed it up with a burst of freshness. It really did bring the smell of the woods into the home and with it memories of long walks and climbing trees.

It wasn’t overpowering which was nice, just enough to give you that feeling of fresh air and the great outdoors. As I applied it to my beard it felt like I was wearing the forest on my face!

Staying Power.

The scent lasted a fair amount of time but I would have liked it to remain for longer. I applied it at about 9am and it started to fade after about 2-3 hours. Now, this is pretty normal for a beard oil but I like to carry that scent with me for a bit longer. I did only use 4 drops though and a couple more might have given it more staying power!

It’s an easy fix though. Just reapply some more oil. That isn’t always convenient obviously but it is a good idea to add more oil during the day to keep your beard looking and feeling fresh.

For me personally I like a scent to last into the afternoon so I don’t have to take time out of my work day to reapply. I have to say though, the other 2 oils lasted well into the afternoon!!


My beard felt nice and almost as soft as if I had also washed it with beard shampoo! I followed the usual routine and applied the oil before brushing it into my beard.

I could instantly feel a difference and could tell that it was doing it’s job by locking the moisture in. This didn’t change throughout the day as it held that soft feel until night.

Usually you have to add a few more drops to keep your beard feeling this way for that long. I was very impressed with this and not only that but it still felt great the next morning after a long sleep!


This is where some oils can make your skin feel greasy. Beard oil is designed to add to the natural oil your beard follicles make. This keeps your beard and skin mousturised nicely.

Bartel’s oil dissipated into my skin nicely and didn’t leave it feeling oily! It nourished the beard but also made the skin underneath feel soft and moisturised. This is a real sign that the ingredients are of a high quality and from a natural source.

Value for money.

As you know, this is a tough one to decide. I make most of my decisions on how much I would pay for the oil based on the quality and the ingredients.

Coming in at £13.99* (*Price correct at time of writing. For the most up to date price go to for a 50ml bottle it is certainly priced for the premium oil market. However, the fact this is all natural, organic and suitable for vegans means that the cost of ingredients go up.

In my opinion, this is well worth the money but there are 3 other options, 10ml, 30ml and 100ml. The 100ml, priced at £23.99* gives you a saving of £3.99 and will last you a very long time. That’s value for money!


I have tried a lot of beard oils over the years and I have to say this is up there with the best of them. The quality of the ingredients is second to none and there is a passion about Bartel’s oils that comes from the founder all the way through to the product.

I would definitely recommend these oils and I will be purchasing more in the near future! Keep an eye out for my reviews of Indian Spice and Vanilla and Cinnamon in the next couple of months.

You can see my reaction and thought on the oils in my video below.

Thanks for stopping by to read my Bartel’s – Beard Oil Review.

Take care and keep growing brothers



If you click the Bartel’s logo below it will take you directly to the store where you can purchase the beard oils. Not only that but put the code TBB20 in at the checkout and you’ll get 20% off your order!!

Beard O' The Forest




Staying Power






Value For Money



  • Smells like your in the woods
  • Beard feels soft and nourished
  • Doesn't leave a greasy feel on the skin
  • Suitable for Vegans


  • Scent doesn't last long enough

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