Beard Butter – Whipped or Poured?

As far as debates in the beard world go, this is up there. Beard Butter – Whipped or Poured? Let’s have a look at both sides of the argument.

What is beard butter?

I will start at the beginning and for those who are new to the beard world, this is where you can really change your beard game! Beard butter, it’s not oil, it’s not balm and you can’t have it on toast but it is probably my favourite product of them all.

Beard butter is designed to give your beard more nourishment. Oil is predominantly for your skin whereas butter is mainly for your mane. They both work separately for your skin and beard but they each have their purpose. For best results, why not use both!

Butter normally contains the same carrier oils that the company use for its oil. Not always but, most of the time. It also contains a butter, Shea is the most popular but there are other options. I like butter as it hydrates, moisturizes, really works well for my face fuzz and it doesn’t leave that greasy feel that an oil can leave.

The debate

There has long been a debate regarding what is better, whipped or poured butter. There is an argument to be made for both so I’m going to look at the two sides. Most of this will be from my own experiences and some will be from facts gathered over the years.

Both types will give your beard exactly the same nourishment and there is no difference in the actual benefits they bring to your whiskers. You can use all the same ingredients and either whip or pour the butter and they will do the same job. It is all a matter of preference.

But, is there a hidden benefit of one over the other? We will find out.

Whipped Butter

I just love the feel of whipped butter. The pop as your finger goes in and the soft creamy texture is just amazing. That might sound a bit too sexual but its a fact. The look and feel of whipped butter is just wonderful. It’s like squirty cream in a tin or when I think about it, more like clotted cream ready to put on your scone.

There is a lot of love for whipped butter in the community, probably because of the texture. It gives the product a look of something different. Something exciting and it really does catch your eye when you see it advertised. That is one of the reasons many companies opt for this particular method.

It melts super quick in your hand making it easy to apply to your mane. A lot of companies that use this method will offer their butter in a bigger quantity. Not all of them do this but there is a reason that some do.

Poured Butter

Well this just looks like beard balm. Until you scoop some out that is. The poured butter doesn’t have the same sex appeal as its whipped counterpart but that doesn’t mean it is any less effective. It is still soft and smooth as you penetrate it with your digit, scooping it out like ice cream.

Poured butter doesn’t seem to be a popular as the whipped kind although I believe it’s fan base is slowly growing. This is just a presumption here but some people buy products because of how they look. Just because poured butter doesn’t look exciting or endearing it doesn’t mean it won’t treat you as well!

The melting rate in your hand isn’t as quick as the whipped version. That’s not a bad thing as it still breaks down and is easy to apply. At that point the two products work in exactly the same way!

My thoughts

I like them both. Sitting on the fence here, I know. The one thing that draws me more towards poured butter is that I believe there is actually more product. Now, hear me out. I know a lot of people will argue that 30ml is 30ml but it isn’t!!

I spoke to a beard brand owner about butters and this is what they told me. Using the exact same amount of the exact same ingredients, they discovered that they could get an extra 5 jars of butter when it was whipped. 5 JARS!! That’s a lot of air.


Upon speaking to another brand owner they mentioned how much harder it is to maintain the consistency of whipped butter. It is a longer process as well due to all the whipping needed, whereas pored butter is a simpler process of being measured, heated, melted and poured!


There is room for both whipped and poured beard butters. We all have our preferences in life and the way we like our butter is just one of them! The fact that they will do the exact same job for your beard is why they will both continue to be made in their seperate ways.

I personally prefer the poured butters as I believe they bring more value for money. However, the sexiness of the whipped butter will always have a place in my heart. Why not check out my beard butter reviews here.


Thanks for reading Beard Butter – Whipped or Poured? What do you prefer? Let me know in the comments and add your favourite beard butter brand as well.

Until next time, take care and keep growing


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