Beard Manners – The Rum Old Fashioned Review

Gentlebeards, let me take you back to a time when men were men. A time when men wore suits, smoked and drank liquor. When men worked all day and went to the pub or club in the evening and the wife didn’t even raise an eye. The clubs were a classy affair, all wooden floors and a piano in the corner. There would be a female singer, all dolled up and the men would talk, smoke and drink until the music stopped. Gentlemen actually existed back then, now they are a rare breed. Now let me take you further on the journey with my Beard Manners – The Rum Old Fashioned Review.

Beard Manners – The Rum Old Fashioned Review

Sitting in a leather chair, the smell of cigar smoke lingering, low lights creating the atmosphere and the sound of people talking. There’s a book shelf with old leather bound books in the corner which is where I head with my drink, a Rum Old fashioned.

The Rum Old Fashioned is a different take on the whisky version which is the original cocktail carrying the name. It’s made up of Rum, obviously, a tablespoon of sugar syrup with dashes of orange bitters. Topped off with plenty of ice and a strip of orange peel for the garnish, it makes a delicious and refreshing drink. But, how does the beard oil stack up against this mighty cocktail?

The Scent

As soon as you open the bottle and inhale the scent, you get a feeling of nostalgia. Almost a vision of a bygone age. You instantly get a hit of sweetness followed by something a bit more spicy. The smell really makes me want to throw the dropper to one side and take a large gulp! But, unfortunately there is no alcohol in this oil and I highly recommend you don’t actually drink it.

Applying the oil to my beard I get that same sweet smell which is the orange hitting home. A spicy undertone comes through with a hint of rum to finish off. This scent is absolutely fantastic and has quickly become my favourite smelling beard oil. I have used this literally every day for about two months and will need to soon make a purchase. I don’t think I can live without this product ever again!

Whenever I put this oil on, I want to dress up smartly, maybe in a suit and tie. I want to put on my trilby hat and head down to the local club where I can talk to friends, listen to classy music and drink my favourite drink. I’m thinking the roaring 20’s is the era I was meant to be in whenever I wear this incredible scent.

The Carrier Oils

If you know Beard Manners, then you know about the carriers. Jason, the owner, is extremely proud of his mix of 6 carriers. Made up of 2 thin, 2 medium and 2 thick oils it gives the product a really good consistency. It doesn’t sit greasily on your beard or skin. It sinks into your skin like a mosquito who hasn’t had a bite for a while. It spreads and moisturises the beard hair nicely giving your mane a lovely soft feel.

Sweet Almond, Argan, Virgin Avocado, Castor, Grapeseed and Golden Jojoba oil make up the 6 carriers in Jasons blend. They all have fantastic benefits for both your hair and skin helping relieve dry flaky skin, known as Beard itch! They also help to nourish, moisturise and keep your face fuzz healthy. All in all, a great blend of carriers.

The Boring Stuff

The labelling is spot on with all the right things on there. The batch number is written under the bottle in silver pen. I have batch number 7 of The Rum Old fashioned! The only issue with this is the number could wear off, although you would have probably used it all before then. Jason is a stickler for detail so it’s no wonder everything is as it should be.

The Brand

Jason is taking Beard Manners to a different level. Not only do they have 18 scents in oil, balm and butter but they also have beard wash in 7 scents and an unscented. The release of the Tash Wax was one of the most original products to hit the market for years. Contained in a lipgloss style applicator it is unique and extremely handy. It’s not the hardest wax, but, that’s not its purpose. It is made for convenience and to use on the fly.

The latest addition to the Beard Manners family is a shop. That’s right, a shop! It’s located in Beach Street, Felixstowe which is a real up and coming area and fits in perfectly with the Beard Manners brand. I have no doubt that this shop will be a massive success and elevate the Manners even higher than it already is.

The Conclusion

I love this scent and as I said earlier it is one of my favourite fragrances of all time, if not my overall favourite. In fact, Beard Manners is up there as one of the top brands in the UK. With a wide range of products, a shop and a ridiculously passionate owner who is a huge part of the community, Beard manners can only go from strength to strength.

I don’t score products anymore but going forward (If I continue with reviews!) you will get my seal of approval if your product lives up to my high expectations. Beard Manners – The Rum Old fashioned certainly deserves to get my first seal of approval!


That’s it for now but I will be back soon with a new blog. In the meantime why not give my last one, What the fuck is happening? a read.

Thanks for checking out my Beard Manners – The Rum Old Fashioned Review.

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