Beard Tings Beard Oil Review – Smoked Amber

Here we are again, with another oil from Beard Tings. They aren’t open for business yet but it will be up and running in time for Christmas. Yeah, I said the C word!! Anyway, let’s move on to Beard Tings Beard Oil Review – Smoked Amber.

The best beard oil ever?

Beard Tings claims that he has developed the best beard oil on the market today!! It’s all tongue-in-cheek of course. A bit of friendly banter between other small batch companies and himself. But, he is definitely on to something.

Andy, the founder of Beard Tings, has developed some very intriguing fragrances. With plenty of experience behind him, he knows what he is doing and the mix of essential oils has me wanting to try every single oil!

For example, Smoked Amber contains Amber, Oud, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood and Vetiver. An interesting combination indeed. And it works magnificently!

When will Beard Tings launch?

Andy is due to launch his oils and balms for sale officially in November. You can follow him on Instagram by clicking the link @beardtings. He is active on there with giveaways and updates on when you can start buying his products.

The reason it is taking so long is due to the fact that Andy wants to make sure everything is just right and legal! That means getting a CPSR to ensure he meets the right standards. It’s all in the bag now and I personally can’t wait for the official launch.

Right, that’s enough about Andy now let’s move on to the oil! I’m still basing everything on my five factors for the rest of this year so how does Smoked Amber fare?


Wow, just wow! This scent is so good it’s hard to explain, but, explain I will. This fragrance starts off with the sweetness of Amber hitting the nasal passages in gentle waves. Oud follows along with the Sandalwood giving you a deeper, woodsy scent that mixes with the sweet Amber so well.

The Tonka Bean adds a kick to the overall fragrance making this whole experience different from anything I’ve ever tried. It doesn’t overwhelm you like some oils, instead giving a pleasant flowing scent that soaks into the beard, with each different fragrance coming at different times.

This is a sweet, yet manly scent that can be used every day.

Staying Power

By now you will know that I like a scent to last all day. Does Smoked Amber live up to its awesome scent with all day long staying power?

Almost is the answer. It’s not quite all day but it comes very close. For arguments’ sake, all day for me is about 10 hours. That’s an 8/9 hour working day and an hour or 2 at home. Smoked Amber gave me 7 hours in the beard which is a decent amount of time.


As with Vanilla Killa the beard was soft and luxurious after a week of just using this oil. The carrier oils do their job nicely by mousturising the whiskers and taming the greys. Always a thorn in my side!!

My beard feels really healthy and nourished. I think Beard Tings need to do a Beard wash!!


Again, the skin feels soft and healthy. Using the same carrier oils in each of the scents mean that this will always be a high point in the scoring for Beard tings!

Value for Money

This is absolutely great value for money. At £12.99 for 30ml you can’t get much better than this! It’s superior to some of the so called Big Brands out there who charge much more for their product!

The price puts Beard Tings on a par with most of the other small batch companies who charge between £10 and £15 for their oils.


Smoked Amber is possibly my favourite scent of all the oils I have tried this year. As hard as it is to choose an overall favourite oil, this is definitely up there.

At £12.99 its great value and I highly recommend getting on the website as soon as it launches as these oils will sell out fast!!

Look out for some exciting news on Beard Tings in a future blog!

Thanks for taking the time to read my Beard Tings Beard Oil Review – Smoked Amber. While you are here why not check out my thoughts on Vanilla Killa.

Take care and keep growing


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