Beard Tings Beard Oil Review – Vanilla Killa

Oh boy, there is a new player in town! This company is brand new and is about to light up the Beard Oil world with some awesome scents! I have been lucky enough to get hold of their first release Vanilla Killa. I have also been trying the beard balm, but, that’s for another day! For now, read on for my Beard Tings Beard Oil Review – Vanilla Killa.

Who are Beard Tings?

Beard Tings is the brainchild of Andy Black but he didn’t start out as a Beard Oil Entrepreneur! Andy is part of Bearded Bear Reviews on Instagram (follow them @bearded_bear_reviews and Andy @beardtings). They are a group of 3 bearded Gents who are passionate about Beards and Beard products.

Enough about the Bearded Bears for now! Andy started playing around with oils and has come up with some unique fragrances. With his expertise of Beard oils, balms and much more, these products are worth getting excited about!

I was lucky enough to get hold of Beard Tings Vanilla Killa and I have been using it, a lot. (Note to self, buy some more Beard Tings oils!!)

So, here is my review using my five key factors.


The Vanilla is the strongest fragrance, pretty obvious considering the name! But it does give way to a faint scent of leather and tobacco. The Oud is also there but unless you know what oud smells like it can be hidden by the other scents.

It is a sweet smelling oil but the leather and tobacco give it a kick of masculinity so you don’t think you’re wearing your good ladies perfume!!

I personally like a vanilla scent in beard oil and this oil gives it a really good twist to what you would normally expect. I am not usually a fan of tobacco but it is really well blended in so it doesn’t smell like an ashtray! The leather is also well blended in so it doesn’t overpower the main fragrance.

Staying Power

If you have read my previous reviews then you know I’m a big fan of long-lasting fragrances. I want them to last beyond lunchtime!

Unfortunately Vanilla Killa doesn’t. This is the only real issue with the oil as it only lasts about 3 hours in my beard. It could last longer in smaller beards but for me it needed more.

Luckily, Andy is very open to suggestions and help when it comes to improving his products. He has told me that he has altered the formula to give the oil more lastability going forward! Unfortunately I haven’t tried the new one yet.


It does everything you would expect from a Premium Beard Oil. The beard feels nice and soft and well nourished. The carrier oils have definitely done their job!

I went a couple of days without product before using the oil and I can really feel a difference. My greys feel softer and the beard as a whole looks and feels healthy.


As with the beard, my skin feels good after using the oil. No dryness and the oil soaks in really well so there isn’t any greasy residue. This is really important as some oils stay on the skin and this can cause spots and itchiness.

Beard Tings have absolutely nailed this aspect of the oil. After putting the oil in my beard, I then rub what’s left in my hands over my head. Now I have a soft beard, soft facial skin and a soft head!!

Value for money

Vanilla Killa feels like a Premium Oil but the price will be in the mid range which is excellent news. The current price for a 30ml bottle is going to be £12.99 which is a steal.

This makes it really good value for money and I will most definitely be purchasing more oils from Beard Tings as soon as they go live! I advise you to do the same as I think these will sell out quick!

As of today the oils aren’t available to buy as Andy is waiting for his CPSR but that is on its way and everything will be available soon. You can check here for a launch date or visit and check out what the new oils will smell like.

You can also purchase their Beard Straightener which is excellent value at £29.99. Beard Tings will also send a small tester bottle of Vanilla Killa for free with the brush which makes it an absolute bargain! Get on the website and buy one today!

Thanks for reading my Beard Tings Beard Oil Review – Vanilla Killa. Don’t forget to check out my Hinterlands Beard Oil Review – Serenity

Take care and keep growing


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