Beard Tips Part One – Wash Your Beard

I feel it’s about time I shared some of my knowledge with you regarding beard care. After all, beards are what I’m all about! So, without further ado here’s my Beard Tips Part One – Wash Your Beard.

Wash your beard?

It might seem like an obvious tip to the long time beard grower but many people don’t know how to wash their beard. Or, more importantly, what product to use when washing your beard.

Some people don’t even bother washing the face fuzz. I mean, they use oil and balm and they wet their beard in the shower but they don’t wash it. It’s like not washing your hair or your armpits, why wouldn’t you?

Here’s the thing, you don’t need to wash your beard every day but you do need to wash it. I’ve mentioned this before in a post many moons ago but you shouldn’t use regular hair shampoo. Why? Let me explain.

Use the right product.

Using the right product to wash your mane with is very important. You want to maintain the luxurious feel of your whiskers by keeping it clean. But, you use the other half bottle of hair shampoo to clean it. Stop right there! Regular hair shampoo will dry out your beard and here is why.

Hair shampoo is designed to strip away the natural oils of your hair so it doesn’t look greasy. It will also dry out the skin on your face and potentially cause itchy, flaky skin under your beard. Your beard needs the natural oils in it to keep the hair mousturised and well nourished.

Using a proper beard shampoo or wash will be gentler on both the hair and your skin as it is designed to not strip the natural oils (sebum). It will help to make your beard healthier and softer.

What is sebum?

Sebum is a natural oil that is produced in the sebaceous glands. These are often grouped around your hair follicles and you can have as many as 900 of these glands per square centimetre. Yep, you read that right!!

The gland will secrete sebum oil onto your hair to lubricate it. The longer the hair the less effect sebum will have. It struggles to coat all the whiskers as they are only designed to coat the shorter hairs. Using regular hair shampoo will strip most of the sebum oil from your hair leaving it dry and prone to breaking.

Beard shampoo.

This is where beard shampoo, wash or soap comes into play. These will clean your beard without stripping away the whole layer of sebum oil. Inevitably it will remove some of the oil and the more you wash your beard the more it will remove.

This is where beard oil or balm comes in as it helps to nourish the hair and mousturise the skin. We will cover this at a later date. Back to washing, make sure you research the ingredients of the beard shampoo before purchasing. You need to look for all natural ingredients to make sure you give your beard the care it deserves.

How often should I wash?

This all depends on several factors including the length of your beard, where you work and what your hobbies are. For example, if you work in a dusty and dirty environment, then you might ant to wash your beard more often.

As a minimum I would recommend washing your beard 1-3 times a week. This will keep your beard healthy and maintain a good level of natural oils in your beard. If you have a short beard (less than an inch), then once a week should be enough. If you are a fishmonger or chef you might want to wash it every day.

You will find the right thing to do for you and your beard. It might take a while to get the routine you need in place but as long as you are using the right products then you are heading in the right direction.

What are the best beard shampoos?

This is completely up to you as to which ones you prefer. The only thing I would recommend is to not go too cheap. Saying that you could try the Bulldog shampoo which is reasonably priced and I have tried it. It’s okay!!

The one I am using at the moment is from The Beard Struggle. It is the unfragranced shampoo called Loki. The reason I prefer to use an unfragranced shampoo is because I might want to use an oil that smells different to the beard wash. That way you don’t lose the scent of the oil and your beard still gets the care it needs!


Buy some now!

You can buy from The Beard Struggle by clicking the banner in the post. (Don’t forget to use TBB15 for 15% off at the checkout!). You can also purchase from Mo Bros by clicking their banner. I have used the Vanilla and Mango shampoo and it is very good! I would recommend getting the oil of the same scent while you are there.

There are some links below to amazon with some decent beard shampoos that I recommend. The links will take you straight to amazon where you can buy straight away.

That’s your tip for today! Thank you for stopping by to read Beard Tips Part One – Wash Your Beard. Whilst you’re here why not check out Only 6 days in a week!

Take care and keep growing


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