Beard Tips Part Two – Straightening Your Beard

I have been a bit slow in bringing you Beard Tips Part Two – Straightening Your Beard so apologies for that! If you can’t remember what the first one was then feel free to check out Beard Tips Part One – Wash Your Beard. Today I am looking at Beard Straightening and the best way to do this in Beard Tips Part Two – Straightening Your Beard.

Why straighten your beard?

This is a choice you make when growing a beard. Once the beard gets to a certain length, some people like to straighten it to make it look neat and tidy. Others prefer to go natural and let it do what it wants. I do both! It all depends on what I am doing that day.

If I’m going to be wearing a mask for a long time, I don’t bother straightening my beard. If I’m going out then that mane is getting tamed! There are several different ways to straighten your beard and I will cover them all here.

The natural look

Let’s start off with the natural look because that’s all you’ll need when you first start growing your beard. You might see some people on Instagram or Facebook trying to sell a beard straightener while using it on a short beard. The truth is it won’t make any difference to your beard at that stage. Buy yourself a quality Boars Bristle Brush to train your beard instead.

Wait until you have a good few centimetres of beard growing down from your chin before spending your cash! Once it gets to that stage a beard straightener will help but until then, keep it natural. You might not want or need to use a beard straightener. Sometimes, a brush and a hairdryer is all you need.

Blow Drying

This can be really effective, especially in the ‘just past your chin stage’. Depending on how your beard grows, it might even be all you need to do. The key behind straightening your face bush is a
brush. Not a comb or a normal hair brush for this job, oh no! You need a round brush like one from Kobe. It’s just the right size to get a good grip under the beard. If the diameter is too big you won’t be able to use it effectively.

What you need to do first is wash your beard. You can either use beard wash or just rinse your mane with water to get out any grime or product. Then you need to towel dry the beard until it’s almost dry or at least it isn’t dripping wet! Then you need your tools, the brush, a hairdryer and a mirror.

Start the dryer and aim it at the top of your beard. Taking the brush in your right hand, slowly brush down your beard on the left side, moving the dryer down at the same time. When you reach the bottom of your beard use the brush to curl your beard under focusing the dryer on this bit of hair. If it’s done right then it should help to keep your beard straight. Do this a couple of times on each side and down the middle of your beard from the bottom lip.

Check out these brushes and hairdryers you can use to get the right effect for your beard.

Beard Straightener

This is a popular choice these days. Because of the popularity of using a straightener, some companies have taken advantage by charging high prices for half decent products. No need to name them!! Now, there are a couple of ways to straighten your beard using one of these.

The first way is to do it when your beard is completely dry, maybe first thing in the morning after having a wash or if you are getting ready to go out for a meal etc. (I know, that’s not happening right now!) Let it heat up and once it’s ready brush down slowly from the top of your beard to the tip. Repeat this several times on the same spot and slowly move it round to the front. Then start from the other side and finish at the front of your beard.

The second way, and the way I do it, is to blow dry first and then use the straightener. Using both techniques together does take a bit longer but if you are washing your beard, you will need to dry it before using the straightener. You should never use a beard straightener on wet hair, knotted, dirty or when the beard is full of product. The straightener will end up singeing your beard and making it dry, frizzy and weak.

Look at these straighteners. Don’t forget to check the reviews!


I hope this has helped you, if you have any questions please put them in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by to read Beard Tips Part Two – Straightening Your Beard. While you are here check out my last blog It’s been a while.

Take care and keep growing


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