Beardolution Beard Wash Review

Beardolution, founded in 2019 and continually pushing the boundaries! I have a few products from these guys but today it’s my Beardolution Beard Wash Review.

Who are Beardolution?

Beardolution is owned by Radim who is originally from the Czech Republic but has been living in the UK for 13 years. He started the company in 2019 when he wanted to bring a fresh take on beard products that were starting to feel a bit stale and too similar! Rad spent hours and hours on market research in order to get his branding spot on. Not only that but he has made sure there is nothing else like it on the market today!

The first product that Rad made was Motivator beard oil and since then has released four more. (I will be reviewing one in March!) Beardolution has so far stayed away from balms and instead focussed on beard butter. He has six options, five are the scents of his oils and then there is After Dark (I have this too!). He proudly lets people know that his butters are the best on the market. Is he just being cocky? Absolutely, but there are plenty of people who are raving about them so there must be some truth in it! I will of course let you know in due course.

Okay, onto the Beardolution beard wash review.

Are Beardolution CPSR approved?

Every review will start with this information going forward. I can’t stress the importance of getting this sorted before selling any products. Check out my article What is a CPSR and why is it important? I am pleased to say that Beardolution have all of their products tested and are CPSR approved. Radim has sent me copies of his reports and I can assure everyone that everything is in order.

The Review

I am doing this review differently to the oils that I review. Firstly this is an unscented wash so there’s no point in looking at that. This time the review is going to be based on my opinion and how the wash made my beard feel.

First Impressions

I love the design of this beard wash. It is called The Plague Doctor and the image is a man wearing the mask that was worn during the Black Plague. These were mainly worn by doctors who were dealing with sick people. In fact the theme of Beardolutions packaging throughout his products is absolutely spot on!

It is quite a dark theme but the idea behind it is that it will cure your beard from all of its woes! I was instantly drawn to the design as it is different from any other products I’ve used which is getting harder to do in the current market.

What’s it like?

On opening the bottle I could smell a strange odour. It was supposed to be unscented but there was definitely a whiff of something there and it wasn’t very nice. It could have been a mixture of the ingredients which do have natural scents of their own that gave out the fragrance. Still, I didn’t let it put me off using the wash.

I poured some of the product into my hand and it was very thin and watery which is fine but when I started to rub it in to my beard it just didn’t foam up. I really had to put loads of it in order to get the required effect.

The first time I used it I found that it really stripped all of the oils out of my beard leaving it bereft of any moisture. It seemed to work more like a hair shampoo which is designed to strip the grease and oil out of your hair to give it that shiny feel. Beard wash is supposed to clean and nourish but beards really need to feel moisturised and nourished.

So, it’s a bad Beard Wash then?

Actually it isn’t that bad. I used it for just over a week and, after getting the right amount in order to create enough foam to get in my beard, it started to work a bit better. It still stripped more sebum than I wanted it to but after a few washes I could feel a difference in my beard. It certainly gave my beard a clean feeling and it softened up my greys more than other washes I have used.

I had to oil my beard everyday I used the wash which is fine. Sometimes though you need a day off from products. I did find that using a hair dryer after using the wash seemed to dry out my beard even more, but I was happy to just towel dry it.


Okay, let me break it down.

The packaging is great. I love the artwork as it is very unique. You can easily pick a Beardolution product out from the crowd. Other than maybe Beard Tings it is a real stand out product. It is slightly let down by the wash itself, although it does the job it is meant for, it strips too much out of my beard.

The scent did put me off but I have spoken to Radim and he is going to look into the reason why. He has only had one other person mention this so it could just be me that found it a problem. I have a sensitive nose perhaps!!

It is priced well at £11.99 which is about right for 150ml. I will be reviewing his After Dark beard butter and Illusionist beard oil in the near future and I can tell you that the quality of the butter is extremely high! To find out more you’ll have to wait for the review!!

This beard wash is not for me personally but that is just my personal opinion.

If you want to buy any of Beardolutions products then you can click the banner below.

Thanks for reading my Beardolution Beard Wash Review. If you have a favourite beard wash, soap or you’ve used this one then let me know in the comments.

Take care and keep growing



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