That’s right, I’ve shaved my beard off and yes that is a double chin!! Why have I done this? There are many reasons but you will need to read on to find out! Beards are so 2020 but are they still a thing?

The pandemic

So, in 2020 the whole country was locked down. From this, many people discovered new passions, started new hobbies, found out they didn’t like working anymore, got a great suntan and started growing a beard. Well, not everyone but certainly a lot of men decided they wanted to quit shaving and become a man!! Now, beards have been around since time began but they have gone in and out of fashion over the years. They started coming into vogue again around 2015 and that was when I first started being serious about growing a beard. I saw an article about Eric Bandholz, the founder of Beardbrand and I decided that was the beard I wanted! I never got to have a beard as good as his but I really liked my beard at it’s longest and sometimes wish I hadn’t trimmed it. Still, I’ve learnt not to regret things especially when they aren’t actually that important.

Things have gone back to normal

Well, almost! But things have definitely changed this year in regards to the amount of people with beards. In January 2019 I attended a work event and around 55% of men had beards. Over the next few years we didn’t have any events but I noticed others growing their face fuzz when I had video calls etc. Over the next 2 years I saw people I knew who had never had a beard before, now sport a mane that was long and glorious. There were loads of beard companies popping up as lockdown and businesses kept people working from home. There was any unprecedented need for these beard companies and a lot of them did really well. Towards the end of 2021 a few brands disappeared as they returned to work and a sort of normalcy came back to everyones life. 2022 saw more brands go by the wayside as men starting shaving as they went back to the office. I attended the first work event since 2019 and I would say that only about 15% of the guys had beards. Thats a 40% drop and you see it when walking around shopping centres and high streets. There are less beards around.

What’s the impact?

The obvious impact is the imminent decline of the beard product industry. I foresee quite a few brands closing over the next year and a half and only the best ones being able to remain profitable. This with good, solid business plans will see the top brands stay open and selling products. With other companies closing, they will see their market share grow. I’m interested to see who survives and who goes into the pit of beard brands alongside the likes of Nathan & Son, The Rune Beard Co and Beardolution (Still think there’s a comeback here!!). I obviously hope no one loses out but it is going to happen. The other thing is people who usually share stuff and post about themselves don’t have time to do so anymore. I have found it a struggle to keep up with the constant demand of social media so I only post when I can or when I have time. Some people managed to get Insta or TikTok famous during lockdown and they remain popular and probably earning some coin along the way! For me, it is most definitely a time thing. I work 9/10 hours a day generally and sleep for around 7. That leaves 7 hours a day to see the family, eat, exercise and work on the things that make me happy. Such as writing blogs!! Unfortunately I am a procrastinator of the highest level so that probably leaves me with around 30 minutes a day to focus on other things. That is slowly changing as I change my mentality.

But, doesn’t your beard define you?

It’s not what I grow on my face, but what I do that defines me. Batman quote but one that has meaning for what I am doing. Some people say that to be a man you have to have a beard. The old joke “If your Dad doesn’t have a beard then you have two Mums” is still bandied around. However, having a beard does make you who you are to some degree. It becomes part of you, your make up as a person and part of your personality. It allows you to be who you really are. It is a statement. I loved having a beard and all that came with it. But, am I more than just the beard people see? Do I have more or less to offer the world now that my mane has gone? The only way to find out is to check the reactions that people have to this new clean shaven me. So far it’s been a mixture of “You look younger”, “You look weird”, and my personal favourite which is from my Mother “You’ve put on weight on your face”. Thanks Mum!

What’s the reason for shaving?

This is twofold, maybe three or four to be honest but let’s start with the first reason. I have a couple of things coming up that require me to be clean shaven, well, one of them does and the other isn’t a requirement but a choice! I can’t talk about these things as they are Class one Priority secrets. The second reason is I have wanted to be a part of Movember for a long time and although I can be a part and have a beard, it didn’t feel right. So, I will be growing a Mo for Movember. I am obviously going to be raising money, or trying to at least! I am doing this in aid of Mens Mental Health because it is a cause I believe in strongly. It’s not what’s on my face that defines me!

Mental health matters. Movember is working to help men stay mentally healthy, but they can’t do it alone. Please donate to my #Movember efforts and support men’s health.

Any support you can give is massively appreciated and it all goes to a fantastic cause. Plus you get to see me with just a moustache! Will I look like Magnum PI or will I look a little bit like a sex offender? Who knows!! All I do know is that I am going for the best tache that I can grow! You can donate to this great cause by clicking the button below!  

The third reason is I’m going to grow a Yeard. Like, a proper one! Obviously I’m going to keep the tache that I would have lovingly grown for a month and then I’ll grow the full thing. I am going to document this everyday and keep you updated with my blogs etc to see how I’m getting on. If you’re interested that is!!

Who knows, maybe I’ll get back to writing reviews and make myself relevant!

That is it for today and I am now on holiday with the other half so I won’t be back on here for a couple of weeks. Any support you can give to this great cause is obviously appreciated and I will be releasing 2 T-shirts in my shop that you can purchase. All the profits made from these will go towards Movember. I’ll update you on Insta later today or tomorrow.

Until next time my bearded, non-bearded and want to be bearded friends