Beardtings is here!

It’s been a long time coming but finally it’s live. The beard oils and balms that you’ve all been waiting for have arrived. That’s right, Beardtings is here!

Beardtings is here!

I don’t remember ever being this excited for the launch of a Beard company before. After months of experimenting and getting everything just right, Andy, the director of Beardtings has everything in place.

The packaging has arrived and it looks amazing. The oils and balms are ready to go and already the orders are coming in! This could be the biggest beard company of 2020 and beyond!

The scents

Okay, Beardtings have six scents, each one delivering a totally different experience that will blow you away! Let me break them down for you!


This is the flagship scent, the original and the one that launched everything for Beardtings.

I have used this myself and it does smell amazing! You can check my review on it here. Let’s have a look at the breakdown.

Top notes of Vanilla

Mid notes of Oud & Leather

Bottom notes of Tobacco to give it a real punch.

It certainly delivers on all counts.



The second oil in the Gold Range and one I can’t wait to try! In fact, I can’t wait to try them all!!

I love the sound of this and it feels like it’s going to be a really fresh scent and perfect for the summer. Notes of the scent below…

Top notes of fresh Coconut

Mid notes of sweet Caribbean Rum

Solid hull bottom notes of Sandalwood








The final oil of the Gold Range is Ace Of Blades. A suave and sophisticated mix of fragrances to bring out your inner 007!

This one is possibly the most extravagant scent with Champagne as the top note. Talk about refined!

Top notes of Decadent Champagne for the playboy in you

Mid notes of Tobacco and Leather

Bottom notes of Cologne… for the ladies!






The Black and Gold Range cross over with Smoked Amber. An all year round scent that warms the cockles and makes the beard smell amazing.

I love this oil and you can read my review on it here. This is one of my favourite oils of all time and one I would use everyday!

Top notes of Amber & Tonka Bean

Mid notes of Oud

Base notes of Sandalwood & Vetivir





Another top quality oil and I will be reviewing this next week. It has a really strong scent and can overpower the weaker man!

The initial hit of Plum and Ylang Ylang mellows out into the Dark Chocolate and Rum giving you a roller coaster ride of powerful fragrances leaving you breathless and feeling alive!

Top notes of Plum, Truffle & Ylang-Ylang

Mid notes of Rum & Dark Chocolate

Base notes of Patchouli and Sandalwood






The final fragrance is for the mans man. The guy who sits in the corner with a glass of whisky and a cigar in his hand. The man who makes other men feel like children again!

This is Vintage Leather and you know it’s gonna be epic.

Top notes of Amber & Jasmine

Mid notes of Leather & Cardamon

Base notes of Patchouli and Moss


Beardtings loves you. That’s right, you heard it here first. The passion, thought and love that went into making these oils are what make them so amazing. So much time has been spent perfecting every single detail and the result is possibly the best oils and balms on the market.

So, with the oils at £12.99 and balms costing £13.99, you are getting great value for money. But, even better than that, you can buy them together for £21.99 saving you £4.99. That is a fantastic deal. Not only that but you can get an extra 20% off using the code TBB20. That would make it £17.59. SAY WHAT?!!!!

Now that really is an amazing deal!!!

What are you waiting for?

Get yourself over to the website today, right now in fact, and treat yourself to these amazing products. They are genuinely top quality and they smell out of this world. Click the banner below to head to the website and don’t forget to use the code TBB20 at the checkout and save yourself 20%.

Thanks for stopping by to read Beardtings is here! Take care and keep growing


I am an affiliate for Beardtings. This means that every time you use the code TBB20 I will recieve a small commission. This is at no extra charge to you.

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