Big Phat Beard Review – Wood Chop Oil

Big Phat Beard is a brand I’ve been dying to try ever since I started reviewing. They have a great logo and their branding is slick and colourful. Their bottles have more of a square shape than others which makes it stand out. I was lucky that John, the founder of the company, got in touch with me. Here we are with the Big Phat Beard Review – Wood Chop Oil.

Who are Big Phat Beard?

John, like many before and after him, couldn’t find a beard product that he loved. He had been growing a beard for many years but found his curly mane hard to tame.

This led him to create his own Beard Oils and Balms. John uses all natural ingredients with no artificial additives. He is fully CPSR compliant, as all good cosmetic brands should be!

How did the name come into existence? Well, John let his work colleagues help him come up with the idea!! Brave, but it turned out well and his brand just keeps growing.

What do they sell?

So, obviously BPB (Big Phat Beard) sell Beard Oils. They also sell Balms, a Beard Soap, combs, brushes and apparel. The T-shirts look great and John has just teamed up with Dark Hipster, a digital artist. This design is the first of many to come and you can buy the Tee from

Let’s get back to the reason we’re here, the Beard oils! BPB currently have 4 different oils. Wood Chop, Oriental Wiff, Mercury Air and Botanic Nectar. I have been using Wood Chop which happens to be John’s favourite oil!!

As always I have been using the oil for at least a week, probably longer as I was dying to get it in my beard! My first impressions were…. well, let’s see what I thought about it below!


Obviously the scent was going to be woody, it is called Wood Chop after all. But I wasn’t prepared for how fresh and powerful the fragrance would be! My scent buds were given a serious blast of what I thought was Eucalyptus. Turns out it was Rosemary that was clearing my sinuses with great effect.

The oil also contained Thyme which came through after the initial burst with a warm spicy scent. The woody smell of Cedarwood finished the oil off nicely and left me feeling refreshed.

Staying Power

This bad boy just kept on going all day. Just when I thought the scent had faded, BOOM, it was back and still as fresh. I put the oil through its paces with sea air, dusty environments, hot, sweaty work and much more. It didn’t waver one bit!

The average time it lasted was about 10 hours which is fantastic for an oil priced at £12.50. In fact, on my day off where I did very little, it lasted about 12 hours. Unreal!!


With the all natural ingredients including Jojoba, Grape seed and Castor, my beard felt soft and well nourished. I think the fact there aren’t loads of carrier oils is a good thing. They all do their job well without being overloaded with other oils working against them.

Even my greys were softened and felt really good. It is a great feeling when you can’t tell the greys from the rest of your whiskers!


Again, the carrier oils helped keep the skin under the beard soft and moisturised. No dryness or bearddruff which is all you can ask for.

Value For Money

At £12.50 for 30ml this is really good value. I’ve tried and reviewed other oils at this price range that don’t come anywhere close to the quality of this oil. Is it the best oil at this price? I’m undecided but it is definitely up there with some of the very best!

If you have £12/13 and you are looking for a quality oil then don’t go for the big brand, mass-produced oils. Go for Big Phat Beard!!


Wood Chop is an excellent scent, well put together by someone who is extremely passionate about his brand. The mix of essential oils give it a really great, long-lasting scent. Even the Mrs commented on how soft my mane was and she gave her approval to the scent!!

All in all this is a fantastic oil and is up there with my favourite oils this year and I will definitely be getting the other scents in the range soon!! If you want to buy one of Big Phat Beards awesome oils then click the link below. I am not affiliated with Big Phat Beard in any way.

Thanks for stopping by to read Big Phat Beard Review – Wood Chop Oil. Don’t forget to check out my Beard Tips Part One.

Take care and keep growing


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