Bigfoot Beard Co Butter Review

This is it, my final old style review. To finish up we have the Bigfoot Beard Co Butter Review.

Who are Bigfoot?

To cut a very long story short, Bigfoot was founded by Simon who ran the business and made all the products from 2018 until 2021 when two friends bought the company from Simon. Rhys and Matthew, both from Wales and part of the Bearded Villains. These guys know all about beards and they have already started to up the ante with new products and scents coming out! They are also part of the UK Beard Portal and you can find them on there.

Let’s move on to the Bigfoot Beard Co Butter Review.


I chose Spiced Cherry to review and I have to say it comes at you like Freddy Kruger, pulling on your nostril hairs and drowning them in sweet cherry heaven. This fragrance took me on a trip to the old market stalls I was dragged to when I was a kid and you could smell sweets, fruit, cooking and all sorts of weird and wonderful things. It is powerful but not unpleasantly so.


This scent lasts for ages, well, a good 8 hours which is the longest I’ve got out of a butter so far. It wouldn’t be great for a night time butter as it lingers for way too long and is pretty strong. For a day product though it’s an ideal length of time for it to last. Dawn to dusk is pretty accurate!


This is a tacky butter that feels close to a balm. This could be down to the beeswax although I didn’t get much hold from it. It is smooth in the tin and melts in the hand with a gentle rub.


Only 2 carrier oils are used for this along with Shea Butter and Beeswax. It does a decent enough job but it won’t blow you away. Here’s the carrier oils used.


Castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid. This really helps to mousturise and hydrate the skin under your beard which can be difficult to do, especially with a big beard. It can also help to reduce acne which can appear when you first start to grow your beard.

The main benefit for your beard is in helping to reduce beardruff. This is when your skin gets itchy and flaky, similar to dandruff. Castor oil will also lubricate the hair shaft which helps make it stronger and less susceptible to breakage.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can protect your hair from damage by reducing protein loss. Its main benefits are for the skin. It has a natural SPF of around 7 which can help protect against UV rays. Obviously it wouldn’t be enough on its own but it’s a start. Coconut oil is also effective in treating eczema and other skin conditions as well.


The name Bigfoot gives it a hint of originality but the scent is from a fragrance oil which is fine but doesn’t require any graft to get it smelling just right. The carrier blend is basic but does the job and there is just the one butter which is also fine, just not very original.

The logo is a skull with a beard which is pretty cool but I don’t see any reference to Bigfoot so not sure why it was called that! I do have to say that looking on the Instagram page there are pictures of the new owners with Bigfoot so that could all be changing!!


There are certain things that must be included on the label, the packaging box or a card that comes with the product. This is part of the EU legislature for cosmetic products and is a legal requirement. I know  we are no longer part of the EU but the UK will continue to use this law until they have time to rewrite them. The essential things that must be on the label are as follows…

  • The name and address of the company or responsible person and the country of origin (if imported into the EU).
  • The net content by weight or volume if more than 5 grams or 5 ml.
  • Date of minimum durability if less than 30 months. Longer lasting products should have an indication of how long they will last once opened plus any info on storage conditions.
  • Any precautionary information such as instructions for use or allergens.
  • Batch Number or reference.
  • The function of the product if it is unclear from its appearance.
  • A list of ingredients under the word ‘ingredients’ in descending order of weight when they are added. Not necessary if less than 1%. The names of the ingredients should use the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients. For example; Jojoba oil should be listed as Simmondsia Chinensis. The reason for this is because these names don’t change between languages whereas the common names can be different depending on where in the world you are.

Not a bad effort from Bigfoot, it’s almost there. The only thing missing is the INCI which is a legal requirement. I know the guys have been changing things up since taking over from Simon so I’m sure this is something that will be fixed!


This butter is a decent enough product with a great, long lasting scent. It’s not the best butter I’ve used but it does a good enough job with the basic ingredients at hand. This butter was from the pre-new owners days so I’m not sure if they have made any changes since taking over but I will find out. Overall, it’s worth a go for the scent alone! If you want to buy something from Bigfoot then click the link below.


Thanks for reading my Bigfoot Beard Co Butter Review. I won’t be back with a review next week but you won’t have to wait long for the new, fresh, updated and much more interesting reviews coming your way!! In the meantime why don’t you check out my latest blog Mental Health is no joke!

Take care and keep growing


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  1. I have there fluff . I think thats a lot better then there beard butter , i love the beard fluff , ges its a leve in conditioner, but i carnt tell the difference from it being a really excellent fluffy butter..

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