Monday comes again and with it another review. It’s another oil from Brenin Beard Co and this time it is Aruba! Will it be as good as Endure? Find out by reading my Brenin Beard Co Review Aruba.


This will be a shorter review!

Why, you ask? Well, I put the meat on the bones in my review of Endure and the only thing different with this oil is the scent. Everything else will be the same as last week so I’m not going to bore you by copying and pasting. Instead why don’t you read the Brenin Beard Co Endure Review yourself where you can find out my thoughts on the Benefits, Originality and Value for Money.

Let’s dive into the scent of Aruba. Join me on a journey into a summer in a far flung paradise where the sand is golden, the sea is clear and the air smells of beautiful fruitiness!!


Aruba is a small island in the Caribbean and it is pretty much summer all year round. That is what the scent encapsulates. It is like summer in a bottle!!


I mean seriously. The mixture of the 3 fragrances together has brought about something wonderful to behold. A smell so refreshing and delightful that it is going to be hard for me to convey in words how it makes me feel. After only a few hours in my beard this had already become one of my favourite scents and I’m going to tell you why.

Upon opening the bottle you are met with a wondrous mango scent, fresh, fruity and intoxicating. It made me think of lying on a tropical beach, sun shining down, a cooler with some beers in and a book by my side. The quiet only interrupted by the birds, the sea and the odd coconut falling from a tree. No, I’m not shipwrecked on this island like Tom Hanks in castaway. I’m there of my own volition.

A tropical dance in your nostrils!

Once I applied the oil to my beard there was almost a sigh of relief uttered by my whiskers. The mango didn’t explode but rather worked its way through the air and into my nose. It was definitely the overriding scent and it was beautiful. Then, something strange happened, banana appeared in my nasal cavity announcing itself like an old friend. “Did you miss me?” As if we had been high school buddies that hadn’t seen each other for years. I’m not normally a big fan of banana scents in oils as they tend to smell more like the banana sweets you get, but this one didn’t.

Instead it complimented the mango in a way that I didn’t think would be possible. Finally I could start to smell the sharper tang of an orange giving the whole scent a lift and creating a tropical dance in my nostrils! The scent made me feel nostalgic for places I had never been to and summers I had never experienced. It really brought about a mixture of feelings and thoughts, all of them good.

When I woke up in the morning to get ready for work, I was actually smiling, knowing that I would be putting Aruba into my beard again. I am not saying that this scent will stop S.A.D. but when winter raises its ugly head, this is the oil I will be reaching for. For me, the scent that Brenin Beard Co have created is the ultimate summer fragrance. One that will invigorate, refresh and make you wish you were in the Caribbean, drinking mojitos out of coconut shells while the sun looks down on you from the clear blue sky and the sea laps at your feet bringing you a calmness you have never known before.


Okay, the scent, in my opinion, is amazing and I absolutely loved it. But, how long did it last? I was getting a good 7 hours out of this oil and that’s nearly a full working day. Just like Endure, the scent started to fade away around the 4 hour mark but I would continue to get the mango, banana and orange combo for the next few hours. Every time I caught a sniff, I was instantly taken back to my tropical island.


Well, this is one of the best fragrances out there. I loved it from the moment I opened the bottle and inhaled the fruity, summery goodness. It made me feel warm inside with a happy glow that surprised me. I hadn’t felt this way about a fragrance for a long time and I really loved the fact it made me step back and appreciate the product I was holding in my hands and wearing in my beard> Brenin Beard Co have only just started out but, on the evidence of the 2 oils I have tried, they are going to have an amazing year!

If you want to buy any of their products then click the link to their website

Thank you for reading my Brenin Beard Co Aruba Review, I hope you enjoyed it. If you have tried any of their products then let me know what you think in the comments!

Take care, keep growing and I’ll see you soon



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