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Beard butter. What’s all the fuss about? I guess I should take a deeper look into why these products are becoming must haves in the beard collections. Get ready to Butter me up!

So, What the hell is a beard butter?

Beard butter is fast becoming a firm favourite for many people. Mostly for their night time routine as a lot of butters are designed for bed time. Specifically to help keep your beard nourished while you dream of other beard products! But, what is it?

Well, butter is the product you never knew you needed. That’s because I’m not sure that you do. I am going to find out if it is a necessary product or a luxury with in depth reviews and more blogs.

It sits between oil and soft balm as a product and generally contains the same carrier oils used in the liquid treat we all use. There are obviously some added extras in there such as Shea Butter. It is soft and creamy and it liquifies very quickly in most cases.

Where beard oils main purpose is to moisturise and protect the skin underneath your beard, butter nourishes and cares for your beard itself. Now, oil does help to soften your mane and give it a shiny appearance sometimes, and butter does help with the skin underneath due to the carrier oils used, that’s not it’s main purpose.

What ingredients are in a butter?

This can vary from butter to butter but generally there will be shea, mango, coconut or cocoa butters used either on their own or a couple together. There are other butters that can be used and I will explore these as I journey through the world of butters. ( Or, the UK of butters maybe!)

They also contain carrier oils such as jojoba, argan etc and some contain beeswax to give your beard a little bit of hold.

Doesn’t that make it a beard balm?

This is a constant argument or discussion within the bearded community. Should butter contain wax? The answer is, it doesn’t really matter in my opinion. A balm will contain a lot more wax than butter so that it can help you style your fuzz and give it hold. A butter is more for conditioning your beard and skin.

Some people don’t want any wax in their butter as they don’t need or want any hold. Others want it in there to help give their beard a bit of styling. It all depends on if you wear your butter at night or during the day. Either way it is personal preference and I will look into it in more detail over the next few weeks.

Whipped or poured?

Another big debate is whether butter should be whipped or poured. Again, in my opinion I can’t see what the difference would be, as long as the ingredients do their job in you beard. However, there are some that prefer whipped as it is lighter and melts quicker as a general rule. Poured butter is scooped out but isn’t as light and fluffy. Then you have hard butter, which isn’t really hard but is harder than the others. We also have a whipped and folded which is something else entirely.

I will be checking out what I think is better or if there are any advantages to whipped over poured as I progress and use different products.

What’s next?

  • I will be using several butters over the next few weeks to see what all the fuss is about. Having only used one butter before this is going to be a hell of a ride. Being a big user of oils this will test my senses and push me to expand my knowledge on beard products.

I have 4 butters already with more on the way. Beardolution, Big Phat Beard, Beard Manners and By Odins already sit on the beard shelf waiting for me to open them. Runesilk is also on the way and more will follow.

I will be using the product properly as well, not just dipping my finger in for one use!! The picture shows just one use but I will be posting how much is left on the company’s review.

Non scoring reviews

I have decided not to score these reviews, at least not straight away. I want to get to know each one, get my thoughts down and let you know what I think. The reviews will still be thorough although the sections will be different. At the end of it all I will announce my best beard oil.

Lots of companies claim to have the best butter on the market, I hope to put an end to all the arguments and give you a definitive answer to the question!

Is your beard butter the best on the market. Do you do something different with yours? Want to get your butter reviewed and see where it stacks up compared to the others? Get in touch via email or Instagram and we can have a chat. Don’t worry, I won’t be asking for freebies!!

Thank you for reading Butter me up? Why not check out my last review Beard Manners Raspberry Ripple. Let me know if you have a favourite butter that you want me to review in the comments below.

Take care and keep growing




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