Butter reviews – End of part one

So that is it for now. Butter Reviews – End of part one is here and I’m going to give a brief outline of which product is my favourite. Check it out below!!

What have I Learnt?

When I first started to use butters I was skeptical about how good they were going to be. I’d seen people all over Insta going on about butters so I knew I had to get me a piece of the action! I had a look around and there was some obvious choices to make with regards to which ones I was going to use.

A few brands had been claiming to have the best butter so I got those first! After that I took my pick of new brands, established brands and big brands. Well, big in the UK that is. I eagerly awaited the first to arrive and the rest is history!

So which ones are my favourite? This is hard to pinpoint as to which butter is my overall favourite. Each one has something different to offer ranging from scent to consistency and to how it made my beard feel. I’ll break it down in just a second but as a quick reminder here’s the reviews for you to check out.

On with the Butter Reviews – End of part one.


I quickly found out that Lavender was not a scent I liked. In fact, it brought about a bit of a debate with some people who loved the smell. Still, we all have our own opinions and mine was that it smelt like a Grannies bedroom!! Even a lighter fragranced Lavender still brought memories back although it was a little bit more bearable.

That rules out 3 of the 7 products straight away. The other 4 all had distinctly different scent profiles and all were pretty pleasant. I liked the Raspberry Ripple by Beard Manners and Black Magic from By Odin’s. For me though, there was only one winner in this category and that was Squeeze the day by Lakeland Beard Company. The coffee fragrance was well balanced and the hint of orange gave it a nice kick.


By consistency, I mean how it looked and melted in my hand as well as how easily it spread into the beard. Some great products here and they all did a job to varying degrees. For me though one butter stood above the others in the way it performed.

Lunar Solace by Big Phat Beard was the winner here and I was amazed by how soft and creamy the texture was. It was a delightful experience scooping out this product and the satisfaction as the whipped bubbles popped was almost as good as popping bubblewrap itself!


They all had a decent mix of carriers. Some were a bit more basic than others but they all worked at nourishing the beard and skin beneath. This was slightly harder as there was 4 here that really made an impact on my beard more than the others.

As tight as it was I had to pick a winner and I felt that this brand had got the perfect mix of carrier oils and having 3 butters in there made it that little bit more effective. Beard Manners Raspberry Ripple takes the honours for this category.


Who had the best packaging, logo and brought the most originality to the table? This is all about style and what the product looks like from the outside. There could be only one and for me it was a clear winner.

Beardolution has probably the most flamboyant and original packaging going and it immediately grabs your attention. Not just from the jar itself but the actual box it’s delivered in. The thank you letter with the wax stamp and the green tissue paper make it an experience and joy to open.

Overall winner

Oh jeez, it had to come didn’t it! In fairness, I brought it on myself as I’m the one who wrote the reviews and then this blog. How could I possibly decide which one was the best butter overall? I had to base it on a mixture of all of the above, excluding labelling and scent durability. Why? Well, the labelling is something that only one brand got 100% right (at the time of the reviews. Brands have altered their labels since then!) and it was a mixed bag throughout.

Scent duration is a difficult one to call when it comes to butter. It went from around 3 hours to 8 which again is a mixed bag. I felt that some scents could and should have faded quicker to make them more bearable. Others i would be happy for them to last longer. So I ruled this out and decided to thoroughly go through each butter again.

I narrowed it down by taking an average from each category, Scent, Consistency, Benefits and Originality. A couple fell by the wayside in the first round of decision making followed quickly by another 2. That left me with 3 butters and here they are from 3rd to 1st.

3rd Place

A brand that I am fast running out of superlatives for. Big Phat Beard have really come through with a quality product from top to bottom. BPB joined the butter game later than some but it’s as if they have always been making it. Carriers that just work, amazing consistency and a lot of butter for your buck!

2nd Place

This brand really surprised me with the quality of their butter. The excitement of trying their carrier blend was well worth the wait as it delivered in spades. When I went through everything again this brand was up there on almost all of the categories. By Odin’s Black Magic has it all and deserves its spot in the top 3.

Drum roll please…………..

A tough decision this one but in the end a brand that delivers consistently and is highly respected within the beard community. They have been around for a while, ladies and gentlebeards I give you……………

1st Place

Runesilk have nicked it overall. The butter is consistent throughout every category, performing well in each one. Yes, there is Lavender, but it is light and doesn’t overwhelm. The quality is high and everything screams premium here. I absolutely loved this butter and will 100% be purchasing it in the elements scents in the near future!


All the butters that I tried and reviewed did a good job and I would recommend them all. Yes, there’s a top 3 but all of them are made by passionate, hard working and dedicated people who want to make fantastic products just for you!

I did say there would be a bit about the American brands but that’s a blog for another day!!

Thanks for reading Butter reviews – End of part one. There will be more but not for a few weeks as I launch a new style of review! Why not check out my last blog

Take care and keep growing



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