It’s a full week of reviews this week and I’m starting with an interesting Beard Oil scent. Think of school dinners back in the late 80s/early 90s and then think about the puddings! Keep reading for the Chinmonster Review – Sirens Beard Oil.

Who are Chinmonster?

Chinmonster are husband and wife team, Simon and Becky. Simon started the business when he was advised to leave his job due to COPD. The two of them work together on everything but Becky has the final say on the scents!

They have gone down the food route when it comes to the fragrances. These include Chocolate Tea Cake (Ambrosia), Jammie Dodger (Ichor) and Pink Custard and Chocolate Cake (Sirens). They also have 2 Christmas releases in Hedone and Dionysus. Along with a couple of balms Chinmonster have all the essentials.

What am I testing?

Well, as it says in the title, I am testing Sirens. This is the Pink Custard and Chocolate scent and I was intrigued to take a whiff of this oil to see if it matched my expectations!

On first impressions I was sent back in time to my childhood and the puddings we used to get at school. This smelt like actual cake and custard and that is where I will start.


It does what it says on the tin. Sirens delivers a strong fragrance that will bring back memories for the older generation of bearded men. You definitely get a feeling of cake and custard although I couldn’t grasp the chocolate. It has to be extremely difficult to get the scent profile 100% accurate.

It fades nicely and settles in giving off waves of cakey smells! The oil actually smells good enough to eat but please don’t. It’s beard oil!! This scent isn’t one I would wear every day though. Just like eating Chocolate Cake, it did become a bit sickly after a while.

I liked the smell overall but it is definitely a once a week oil for me. A weekend treat maybe?!

Staying Power

The scent lasted a good 5 hours before it started to fade fully. The initial hit kept giving for about 2 hours and gradually it mellowed out before becoming a distant but satisfying memory.

I think if it lasted much longer you would start looking in the cupboards for cake and for me, that would have been a disaster!!


After using the oil for just over a week I could feel the beard was soft and nourished. The selection of carrier oils all played their part in this. A mix of Jojoba, Grape Seed, Sweet Almond, Castor and Argan oils all have huge benefits for the nourishment of your beard.


The skin also benefits from the mixture of carrier oils that Chinmonster use. My skin felt mousturised and healthy after using the oil.

Value For Money

At £12.99 for a 30ml bottle, Chinmonster oils are great value for money. The price is what the majority of oils are set at and this has the quality to be up there with some of the greats of the Small Batch beard Co’s!


Sirens is a wonderfully made oil that is full of nostalgia. It smells like cake and custard and makes the stomach rumble as you apply it to your beard! I wouldn’t use this oil every day but that is my personal preference. Another excellent oil from another great beard company! If you want to grab yourself one of the oils click the banner below.

Thanks for checking out Chinmonster Review – Sirens Beard Oil. While you are here have a look at my Christmas Gifts Part One, Two and Three.

Take care and keep growing


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