Christmas gifts – Part one

It is nearly time for the tree to go up, the decorations to be added, presents to be wrapped and turkeys to be bought. Even though it is only November, it’s time to think about presents. In Christmas gifts – Part one we look at, you guessed it, Beard products!

Hinterlands Beard Oil

You’ve read the reviews (I hope!), but just in case you haven’t here they are, Nordic Mist and Serenity. Hinterlands is currently in the No:1 position in my top 10 oils with Nordic Mist and it is an exceptional oil. From the carrier oils to the scent it is quality in a bottle!

Hinterlands have 6 different scent profiles. The original 3 scents are Explorer, Early Riser and Nordic Mist. They then added another 3, Nordic Jul, Serenity and Wilderness. If the other 4 are half as good as the first 2 I reviewed then you’re in for a treat.

One of the best things about buying an oil from Hinterlands is their association with One Tree Planted. For every oil you buy from them a tree will be planted in an area of severe deforestation. Not only will you be getting an awesome oil to use for your beard, you’ll also be helping the environment!!

Click the banner below to go to the website and use the code TBB10 for 10% 0ff. I am not an affiliate for Hinterlands.

The Rune Beard Co

The Rune Beard Co, started by Linzi in august, has hit the ground running. With a great theme based on Norse mythology and rune magic, Linzi has really created something magic here. I have reviewed Yule already and was very impressed with the quality. I am currently using Inguz and have just received some Beard soap.

The Rune Beard Co have 6 scents, including Yule, which is a seasonal product. The other scents are Inguz, Dagaz, Mannaz, Fehu and Othala. All scents are based on the rune meaning which is a really interesting concept. As well as oils, TRBC have balms, butters, beard soaps, accessories and wax melts.

With everything on offer there will definitely be something for the bearded man in your life right here. Click the banner below to head to The Rune Beard Co etsy shop.

Infernal Beard Co

This company from Wales has also made a great start in the beard world. Heading to the dark side of the occult world, Infernal bring something different yet again! I was lucky enough to try out King Solomon and it’s another impressive oil from a small batch beard company.

Infernal have several different oils as well as balms. With names such as Dracula, Archangel Michael, The Green Man and Death, they definitely reach into the occult. You can also get some merch including a T-Shirt, Beanie and face mask. There’s plenty to choose from so give them a look by clicking the banner below.

Use the code TBB15 for 15% off. I am not an affiliate for Infernal Beard Co


Onesociety have been around for a while now and have produced some excellent products. From Huntsman to Viking, Bubblegum to Smokey Joe, there’s something for everyone. They do a 10ml and 30ml bottle but they also have balms and butters to match the oils. Here’s my review on Outlaws Beard Oil.

What I really like are the Saver Combo, Beard Kit and Beard Box. Supplying you with various combinations of products. Perfect as a present for that special person! Not only that but you can save 20% with the code TBB20. I am an affiliate for Onesociety which means when you buy something I will get a small commission, at no extra charge to you!! Click the banner below to head to the shop.

That’s it for Christmas Gifts – Part One. Part two will be out tomorrow so look out for that. Thanks for checking in and reading,

Take care and keep growing


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