Christmas Gifts – Part Two

It’s another day and another group of amazing beard companies for you. With Christmas just around the corner it’s time for you to get your skates on and read Christmas Gifts – Part Two.


Starting with the new brand on the block, Beardtings have lots to offer from the off. I have already reviewed Vanilla Killa and Smoked Amber and they both impressed massively. I have no doubts that the other fragrances will be as good or even better.

Beardtings also has matching balms to go with the 6 scents. The other scents being, Black Oak, Caribbean Cut Throat, Vintage Leather and Ace of Blades. Each one with an amazing and original set of fragrances. They officially launch either the end of this week or early next, check this site and my Instagram for more details.

Also, keep checking my Insta page for an amazing giveaway of a Beardtings product this week. I am an ambassador for this fresh exciting company and you can get 20% off with my code TBB20. Click the banner link below to head over to the website and get some awesome products before they sell out!

Big Phat Beard

Another awesome brand who have some truly wonderful products including Wood Chop. BPB is so much more than just a Beard Oil and Balm shop. They have some excellent tees designed by some of the top young designers in Northern Ireland.

With 4 solid Oil and Balm combo’s, a soap that I will be trying soon, accessories and the clobber, BPB is one of the fastest growing brands on the market today. Their first passion, the beard oils and balms, are still the best thing about this company and I can’t sing their praises enough.

This is the perfect place to treat the bearded man to awesome beard products, great clobber and all at excellent value from a fantastic brand. What are you waiting for? Click the banner below!

Bartel’s Beard Oil

Three quality oils from this company with amazing scents! From Beard ‘O The Forest to Vanilla and Cinnamon as well as Indian Spice, you have some excellent variations from one place!

Not only that but you can get them in different sizes from 10ml samples at £3.99 all the way to 100ml at £23.99 there’s a size for every beard. My advice though is to go for the 30ml at a fantastic price of £8.99. You can also save 20% with my code TBB20. You know what to do!! (I am an affiliate for Bartel’s Beard Oils)

Chin Monster

Chin Monster have all the old smells of your childhood in bottles of beard oil. I am currently using Sirens which is Pink Custard and Chocolate Cake. It smells good enough to eat!! You can also get Ichor which is based on Jammie Dodgers and Ambrosia, a Chocolate Tea Cake fragrance. (Warning, Do Not Drink the Oil, no matter how good it smells!!)

Not only that but they have 2 new Christmassy scents as well as a Create Your Own oil! Chin Monster also have beard balms and a butter as well as a lovely beard comb. You can get a set of 3 15ml sample sets as well for a great price so get over to the website by clicking on the banner below.

Wild Hare UK

A brand new beard company ready to launch on the 7th of December. The creator of this brand has been reviewing beard products for over a year so knows what he’s talking about. They will have 5 oils at launch including an unscented one for those that just want a bloody good oil that doesn’t smell!

The other 4 oils are, Brady, Joanna, Rose and Harold. Wild Hare Uk will have a 6th scent out in the New Year but for now you better hop over to the etsy store and pre-order some of these oils. (I have tried 3 of them and they are all very, very good!) Click the banner below and treat yourself or the man in your life.

That’s it for Christmas Gifts – Part Two. Don’t forget to check out Part One before you leave for more awesome Beard Companies. Tomorrow we look at some unique small clothing businesses with some quality items, perfect for Christmas!

Thanks for reading, take care and keep growing


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