It’s gonna be a short one today but, I thought I would just tell you all about what’s happening on Patreon. Why I started it and what you get by being a member! Extra Extra!! Read all about it goes into some detail.


Okay, so I’ve been toying with this for a while and I decided to take the leap. Why? So I can produce even better content for everyone to enjoy. Why will Patreon help? Well, Patreon is a membership platform where creators like myself can offer exclusive content for a small monthly fee.

The reason I chose Patreon and opted for a small fee is because I want to give people value for money. At only £5 a month I can use this to do giveaways of merch, beard products and much more. It will also mean I can give discounts on merch and offer my members free e-books when they are written (there’s 2 on the way soon).

I am going to be selling them on Amazon and other places but I want to be able to offer my followers, readers, friends etc them for free. For me to be able to create all the extra content I’ve got planned needs some capital!

What do I get as a member?

Well to start with I’ve gone for some simple extras that I know people will be interested in. Free e-books is one and giveaways of merch, beard products (which I will pay for myself and won’t be asking for freebies!) and much more is something else people love!

Here’s a list with a bit of detail….

Is that it?

What more do you want? That is only just for starters. Once the members start to grow, more things will become available. I have a lot of plans for the future and I really want you to join me in making them happen!

And, the first 20 people to sign up get a free keyring and entered into a prize draw for some free merch!! Does it get any better?

What about the website?

The website will still be going with reviews, informative blogs, other blogs and much more. That won’t stop. It’s just by being a member on Patreon you will get so much more!!

Where do I sign up?

By clicking the button below!

It will take you to the sign up page where you pop in your details and hey presto. You’re now a member and you will start to get all the awesome benefits listed above and more as it grows!

That’s it for today, I’m back on Friday with a review for Beard Brothers and there could well be a blog on Wednesday. Or, will that be exclusive to Patrons? You’ll have to sign up to find out!!

While you’re here check out my blog Beard Butter – Whipped or Poured? This one caused some heated debates on Insta last week!!

Thanks for reading Extra Extra!! Read all about it. Until next time take care and keep growing


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