From fit to fat to fit again!

From fit to fat to fit again!

It’s hard work getting fit. It’s easy to ditch that and carry on eating chocolate by the truckload though! Also, drinking beer, fizzy drinks, crisps, cakes……………the list goes on!! But, there comes a point when you look down at your feet and you can no longer see them. I’m going from fit to fat to fit again!

Lazy or crazy?

I wrote a blog last year, Get fit or try dying! and I was doing so well. But, as always, life got in the way. Laziness also plays a part as well as a lack of motivation and to be honest, I didn’t even care. I was eating chocolate bars everyday, drinking too much fizzy drink including lager. I was snacking on shite, instead of an apple I had a slice of cake and I didn’t give a fuck about my appearance.

My usual excuses started to come out with my lack of motivation. “I’ve got a bad back”, “My knee is playing up”, “I’ll start on Monday!”. Some of the excuses were true but nevertheless, still an excuse. Just because I couldn’t run didn’t mean I couldn’t eat healthily. I just didn’t want to.

Call it lazy if you want, I call it crazy! I’d gone from fit to fat in a matter of months. Well, let me rephrase that. I’d gone from reasonably healthy to a fat cunt! Now, let me explain something here about being fat. I’m not all over fat as in fingers, legs, arms, neck etc..

What is fat?

Okay, I’m not fat per se but I am overweight. Standing at 5’11” something or other and weighing in at 14st 5lbs put me in the overweight bracket and at danger of health issues occurring. The main problem is that it’s all in the belly. Oh, and moobs!! In fact at 28.1 on the BMI calculator I’m pretty close to Obese which is 30. Why is it so bad to be carrying all my fat in my belly?

Well, belly fat is known to increase certain health risks. Type 2 Diabetes is a big one (not to be confused with Type 1 Diabetes which is totally different!) but there are other issues as well. Sleep Apnoea, Cardiovascular Diseases, Colorectal Cancer and more. I have started to suffer from Sleep Apnoea which is pretty scary for the Mrs! By all accounts I often stop breathing for short periods of time and I snore loudly. I wake up feeling tired and unrefreshed a lot of the time which has an impact on my daily routine!

One of the biggest causes of Sleep Apnoea is obesity and as I’ve already said, I’m not far off that! The best way to resolve this without going down the whole treatment route is to get fit. Lose weight and eat healthier. Drink less alcohol and exercise frequently. All ways to get rid of belly fat, stop the Apnoea and become a bit healthier.

What’s the plan?

Well, I’ve started running again which is a good start and in just a few weeks, I’ve got my weight down to 13st 11lbs. Healthy eating is my next hurdle and probably the hardest one for me. I love my chocolate and crisps, cakes, biscuits etc, etc. The key will be planning meals and not snacking throughout the day. This will be my biggest challenge.

No, wait, that’s not entirely true! As part of my drive to get fit I have set myself a goal. As some of you might know, I have recently shaved my beard off and will be growing a moustache for Movember. But, I didn’t think that was enough so, I have set myself a goal of doing 3,000 push ups in November as well. I can barely do 10 so this is going to take a huge effort on my part and a lot of commitment.

Still, it is worth all the sweat, pain and tears that will spill from my broken body. I am raising the money for the Movember charity, doing this for men’s health. Mental, physical and everything else between. If you would like to donate to this amazing cause then please click the button at the bottom of this page.


Right, that’s it for now but I will be back sooner next time as I keep you updated on my fitness, talk about mental health, look at what’s happening in the beard world and maybe call some cunts out! 

Take care and keep growing


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