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I need a plan. Like, not an A-Team plan but a plan nevertheless. Those of you who don’t know what the A-Team is then you probably too young to have a beard!! Organisation is difficult when you are juggling so many balls but organised is what I need to be. In short I need to get with the program!


The love of writing

I love writing, a lot. Since starting this website in April 2020 I have written 100 posts. These include reviews, general blogs, fitness blogs (need to get back on the fitness desperately!) and the History blogs. I hope you are enjoying them by the way!

My only problem is consistency which is why I need a plan. I need to be more organised so that you, my readers, know when I’m going to post. My other problem is losing focus and struggling to get back on the horse, so to speak. I procrastinate for long periods of time, achieving nothing other than frustration. Writers block I suppose. But getting the routine right will be key going forward

I have started publishing my reviews of beard oils on a Friday and that will continue to be the case going forward. All my posts have been in the morning except for one review I did last night, the Beardolution Beard Wash Review. So, that will also be something that will happen but only occasionally.

That’s the first step to getting things right, set days. All my main reviews of oils will be every Friday and any other reviews of beard products such as balm or butter will be Wednesday evenings. It will all be part of the program I am trying to execute.

Blog serials

A History of Beards is my first blog serial. It was something that interested me greatly and I have had some good feedback from you guys which is much appreciated. I did actually start a Beard Tips series of blogs so I’ll start them up once AHOB is finished. I envisage another two or three parts to this bringing it up to the modern day. Watch this space.

Along with AHOB and Beard Tips I have some other ideas for blog serials but it’s too early to put them down here. They are currently ideas buzzing around my head like wasps who are just wanting to sting some poor sod! Keep an eye out for these coming soon and there might also be some exclusive serials for those that sign up to my buy me a coffee page.

Currently I have been releasing AHOB on a Monday but these are going to now be published on a Tuesday. Mondays will be bringing something new!

Click the link to check out Part One, Part Two and Part Three.

What else will you be blogging about?

I would like to do so much on here from reviews to sweeping epics. Life blogs, serial blogs and loads more. There are seven days in the week after all but I will be definitely keeping Sundays to myself. Possibly Saturdays too as its good to refresh the batteries as often as possible. After all, I can’t get with the program if I’m always exhausted!

Mondays are going to be for something new but you will have to wait and find out what. Leave you in a state of suspense before delivering you disappointment in word form. I joke of course, or at least I hope it won’t disappoint you!

Who’s next up for review?

I won’t release who I review until it’s live although if you follow me on insta there will be a reveal on my stories the night before! I can tell you who is in the pipeline though, in no particular order!

I have Nathan and Sons, Beardolution, Beard Work, Lakeland beard Company and The Bald Viking Beard Company. There will also be Face Fur Beard Care, Bright and Beardiful, Graft Beard Company and Cherry Bomb. Not forgetting more Hinterlands, Big Phat Beard and Beard Tings.

Due to my link with Beard Tings, the reviews I do for their products will not be scored. Don’t want anyone thinking I favour them over anyone else!!

Any other plans?

Yep! I certainly do have more things up my sleeve. If I was to tell you them now though, I would probably have to kill you. Or, at least ask you not to tell anyone else!

What’s that? An eBook? Well, that might just be part of the program and on my agenda for the future. Again, I am keeping my cards close to my chest on this one and you will have to sign up to my newsletter to find out more. I often get asked if I am going to do more YouTube videos but there are no plans to show my face on any form of video at the moment. It’s bad enough you have to see this face on instagram!

Talking of Instagram, I will be a lot more active with various different things happening on a regular basis. If you don’t already follow me then I would appreciate it if you checked me out on there!


I’m going to leave things there for now but I just wanted to thank all of you for reading my blogs and reviews, it means a lot to me. Thanks for stopping by to check out get with the program and I’ll be back tomorrow with another review.

Take care and keep growing



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