Going Grey Gracefully

There comes a point in a mans life (and a woman’s!) when the colour of his hair starts to change. Don’t get me started on hair loss by the way!! Some men can’t face this fact and cover up with Just For Men or something similiar. Me, I prefer going grey gracefully!

It’s an age thing

Of course it’s mainly down to age but genetics also play a part. They determine when you will go grey rather than if. It is rare that someone doesn’t get the silver lining as they get older but it can happen. Not to me though!

The thing is, I don’t mind it. It hasn’t affected me as much as going bald did. Saying that, I deal with the baldness now and try to own it! Can you own being grey? Absolutely.

It’s all about confidence

That’s right, owning the grey look takes confidence and a serious lack of vanity. Well, for most people! I’ve got nothing against the man (or woman) who isn’t comfortable when the silver streaks start to appear. You have to feel comfortable and confident in yourself and if keeping the greys away helps, so be it.

I haven’t got time to be dying my beard in order to look or feel 3 years younger. I would rather grab the greys by the hand and let them lead me into old age. Be confident in your appearance and own the grey!

Mid-life crisis?

Going grey can be a cause of a mid-life crisis, especially in men. The thought of getting older and losing those boyish good looks, getting wrinkles, going bald and grey can set a person off into a depression. It can have a serious effect.

Of course, there’s usually a lot more to it than that but it’s definitely a factor. The thing about it though is how we cope with it and move on! You can either accept it and focus on the positives or you can hide it with a bit of dye!

What about you?

How do you feel about going grey? Does it concern you or are you ready to be going grey gracefully? If you’re not ready then there are plenty of products to help you cover up. Obviously Just For Men is one such company but there are plenty more out there.

Covering up the greys on your beard is slightly more difficult. Never fear, that’s covered as well! Most companies have products such as beard gel to help go over those patches. But what about the beard product companies themselves?

There aren’t many that I’ve seen that provide a product to help you with grey in your beard. There is one though and that is Beard Gains.

Nope, that’s not lipstick you see there! That’s a beard colour stick. Beard Gains have produced these products to help men who aren’t ready to go grey yet. Or at least want to cover it up for date night!! If you are that man then click the image to check out these products for yourself.

Own your look!

That’s the only advice I can really give you. Own your look, whatever that may be! Feel confident that you are who you are and everyone else can mind their own business!!

I’m off now to relax for the rest of the day, fingers crossed the sun will come out later! There won’t be a post up tomorrow as I’m taking a day off but I’ll be back on Monday. In the meantime check out my Overview of Beard Gains.

I’m also on YouTube now, check out my first video here.

Take care and keep growing brothers, grey or not!


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