Goodbye 2021

Well that’s another year over with. Another year under the cloud of Covid and another year where I didn’t win the lottery!! Goodbye 2021

What did 2021 bring?

So, 2021 has finished and I’m writing this from the isolation of my bedroom. I have been locked up in here since Monday 27th with the dreaded Rona and I am starting to wonder if I’m in my right mind! I haven’t yet created my own Wilson but if I stay up here much longer then…. Okay, lets do a quick recap on 2021 and what happened in my little life!


I actually did 24 reviews last year, starting with Big Phat Beards Oriental Wiff and ending with Face Furs Galtassen. I reviewed 18 different companies within those 24 reviews. I won’t list them all here as that would be fucking boring!! I did my first load of Butter Reviews as well, of which there were some lovely products. I was unfollowed by 2 Beard Brands for being honest about their products! Sad little men/boys that they are but hey ho, it’s no skin off my nose if they can’t take a little bit of criticism. I guess they just like to have their arses kissed by those around them and that is okay. Me, I’m not into that. I don’t have an ego to feed so don’t actually give a fuck what people think! and I will continue to give my honest opinion on products, brands and people!


I wrote 33 blogs ranging from my Top 5 oils of the year (2020) to blogs about Mental Health. From CPSR’s to my day at Beard On. Let’s not forget the 6 blogs I wrote on A History of Beards. that actually takes the total to 39 but I count them as a separate entity! I took a month break in between all of this so I could focus on my own Mental Health. When I say break I do mean break. No blogging, no social media and it was refreshing. I didn’t announce it, apart from to a couple of people I respect in the community. I’m not a big attention seeker like some. You know the ones. They put a post or story on Insta saying how they need a break from socials and then they are commenting on the next thing!! Attention seeking pricks and prickesses! Just fucking do it or don’t!!

Anything else?

Yeah, plenty. I’ve made some good friends from the Beard community and strengthened the relationships I had already made in 2020. I actually met some legends of the Beard Community when I went to Beard On 2021! I had the pleasure of meeting Dan from Runesilk, Jamie from Opies, Lee from The Urban Gent and of course, the man, the legend Docks Bearded Reviews, or Dan as he is known! There were others as well but these guys really made the day worth while!! I co-founded The UK Beard Portal with Dan and we have some big plans for it in 2022. More on that another day!! I also started my Bearded Brit membership. This year there will be a bigger fanfare about it and remember, it is not another club! YAWN!! There will be some great things coming for members though. If you are interested then click the button at the bottom of the page.

Goodbye 2021 but, what’s in store for 2022?

2022 will be mostly focused on helping the Beard Portal grow, the membership program and YOUTUBE! That’s right, I will be back on the tube this year. February is looking the likeliest date for this return but look out for adverts, posts and more info coming. One thing for sure, you won’t have seen Youtube reviews like it. None of that sit down in your front room and blab on for 20 minutes, kissing arse and general boring shit. That is not my style!!! I’m not going to spoil the surprise but keep an eye out for more info coming soon. I might even make an appearance at a Beard Comp or 2 but time and other commitments will be the deciding factor in that! One thing is for sure and that is things need to change. It’s 2022 and the same things are already being posted on Insta. The same people are taking part in the same quizzes and everything already feels the same as 2021. What is it going to take to change and improve the UK beard scene? Less egos? More genuine people? Will there be something that will break down the boundaries of conventional bearding and bring the community back to the fore? I fucking hope so!!

Will I still be doing reviews?

Yes, but they won’t be a major priority for me. There will definitely be some but I have other goals and dreams this year. Not only that but I won’t be throwing around my services for nothing anymore! Man has to eat!! Blogs will still make up a big part of what I do and Mental Health will be a high priority this year. In fact so much so that for every £5 I receive in my membership, £1 will be going to a Mental Health charity. Yep!! The membership fee is £5 a month for the Full Beard and £50 a year. If you pay monthly that will be £12 a year and £10 a year if you pay for an annual membership. The more people that get on board, the more money will go towards ending the stigma!!

Fitness and challenges

I say it every year, but I actually mean it this year. Not only do I have financial goals to meet but mental and physical ones as well. Exercise and getting fit will play a big part of that. In fact, I am giving myself monthly challenges as well as yearly ones. For example, I am doing Dry January this year. A whole month without alcohol!! I was going to do a month without chocolate but since I was locked up in my bedroom, that went out the window on day one!! There are other challenges I want to complete this year as well but I will talk about them more as the year progresses!

What about you?

What are your challenges this year? What goals have you set for yourself and how are you going to achieve them? Let me know in the comments below. Here’s to an amazing 2022 for you all Thanks for reading Goodbye 2021, why not catch up on some of my reviews or blogs from last year. Take care, keep growing and I’ll be back again before you know it!! Tony      

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