Another year has gone, it’s really flown by as if it hasn’t even started yet! Has your 2022 brought you everything you wanted? Have you got plans for 2023? Here’s a little bit about my 2022 and what’s happening in the New Year. Goodbye 2022…..hello 2023!

Covid ya cunt

I started the year with the dreaded Covid-19. I actually started feeling like shit on Boxing Day and when I woke up on the 27th, I tested positive. I felt like I’d been hit by Mike Tyson in his prime! What made it worse is that the Missus confined me to the bedroom for the whole 10 days.

Obviously, she had a good reason for this. As part of her Christmas present, she was going to the Harry Potter Studio tour in London with our daughter. She really didn’t want to catch Covid and ruin the trip or cancel it. That was when I realised I had to make the ultimate sacrifice.

To be honest, I felt so shit that I really didn’t mind staying in my room. I was off work and just ended up watching loads of films. My dinner was brought to the door and we face timed during the day to stay in touch. It wasn’t ideal but, it did mean that she could go and enjoy herself with our daughter.

The end

At the end of January I decided to end The Bearded Brit and give up the blogs and websites. I had hit a wall and didn’t feel the passion anymore. The beard community was a bit of a sham, lots of bullshit flying around and I had come to the end of my tether. Basically, I couldn’t be arsed anymore.

I did feel a weight roll off my shoulders once I had written this blog (read it here) and I felt free. However, my passion would be reignited once again.

A Community Divided

Man, my fire was rekindled in March because of a cunt who thought he knew about beard care but didn’t. Oh, and a bullshitting beard brand owner! With the shit that these guys threw about I just had to stand up and say something. A Community Divided parts One and Two were some of my most read blogs of all time.

It gave me purpose and I believe a world record for a blog that has used the word cunt the most (not actually checked yet!). I was back and I felt fucking good!!

Bits, bobs, weddings and Movember.

I wrote a few things after that, stuff about getting fit (didn’t happen!), the Queen and depression. All from the heart and all well-meant. Maybe it was a bit boring, I don’t know. Only you can be the judge of that.

In October, I married my long time Fiancée. We had been together for 24 years, had 3 children and owned 2 houses during that time. We had our ups and downs as all couples do but we were always destined to be together. Finally, we tied the knot in a private ceremony at Gretna Green and we did it on the date of our 24th anniversary.

I then decided to take part in Movember. I had already shaved my beard down to stubble but I went one step further and had a wet shave for the first time in forever! I’m lucky enough to have raised a decent amount of money for this fantastic charity and it has taught me a very valuable lesson. Not everyone will support you even though they say they will and don’t trust the big egos!


It’s nearly the start of a brand new year but what is in store for The Bearded Brit?

Well, to start with there will be a lot more blogs coming this way. But, they will be more informative and helpful to everyone who has a beard and especially those that want to grow one.

The amount of people with beards has drastically slowed and there are fewer men with beards now that lockdown is a thing of the past. However, there will always be those that want to experiment and my content will be designed to give them the right information and support to help them grow a magnificent beard (all free of charge!).

There will be lots of reviews this year. A minimum of one a month is my target but more if I can. I will be trying different brands that I haven’t used before and finally, my American beard product reviews will hit down! Oh, I’m also growing a Yeard!

The future….

There will be a lot of things going on for me outside of the beard world but my passion still lies here with the community. I don’t think it is fully where it needs to be but there are people out there making it a much better place.

There will be some new things on here, some things will be returning and maybe I’ll have to call out some of the scam companies and reviewers this year. You know me, love a bit of controversy!! But, that’s a story for another day… Let me know in the comments what you would like to see from me in 2023. Who knows, maybe it will come true!!

I will be back next week with an informative blog and an update on my Yeard. Until then, Happy New Year, take care and keep growing


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