There comes a time in one’s life where you reach a crossroads. Making the right choice on which path to take is a difficult decision but one that has to be made. It’s time to say goodbye.

The time is now!

After much thought and consideration I have come to the decision that it is time for me to step away from the world of beard reviewing and blogging. I have a lot going on this year that will take up time that I would have usually spent testing products or writing a blog for the website.

So many plates spinning that eventually one had to fall and break. Unfortunately this is the plate that can no longer spin. Work, family and other avenues that I am delving into are my main focus with the end goal of retiring from my full time job in 4 years time when I’m 50!

Yep, 50 years old in 2026. Kind of shakes me to my core whenever I think of that! Half a century, fucking hell.

What’s the plan?

Ah yes, the plan! I want to be able to enjoy my life without the worry of having to get up and go to work for the man. It’s everyones dream, right? It can only happen if I stop procrastinating and actually fucking do something.

There is a lot of work to do before I reach my goal and I need to remove the obstacles that are stopping me from progressing. This is one of those obstacles. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved every minute of what I have been doing, but everything comes to an end at some point.

What about the Portal?

I will still be a big part of the UK Beard Portal and I believe there are big things in store for it this year. Supporting small batch brands has always been a mission and passion of mine, that doesn’t stop!! I’m going to be working with Dan and the brands on the portal to make sure we deliver the best for the consumer, you lovely lot, as well as for the hard working people behind the brands.

One thing is for certain, my love for the beard community, the brands I have supported and reviewed, the friends I have made through everything will never go away. I want to help make the Portal ‘The Place to go for all your Beard Needs!’ Dan and I have some big plans for it which will all start to take effect very soon. Watch this space, or rather, the UK Beard Portal Instagram!!

You can still contact me

If you want to of course!

My Bearded Brit Instagram will close at the end of the month but you can still get in touch with me in several ways. There is the Portal Insta and my other page tonyjames.official where you can follow, message and chat with me.

This website will still be up and running until later this year as will my email so feel free to message me on there as well.

A quick shout out

There are so many people I want to say thanks to and give a shout out. If I don’t mention you it’s not because I don’t care, it’s because I’m getting a bit teary eyed as I type this!!

Bearded Villains

First off I would like to thank the Bearded Villains Northern Monkeys. I have also left BV to focus on my other projects but I will always be grateful to the brothers and friends I have made. I want to mention 2 people in particular here.

Andy Milley was my mentor and guide during my time with BV. Always there to help and support me through my journey, the man is an absolute legend. Andrew Nesbitt or Nez is the other guy. Always there with a like, comment and share. Always there with a kind word and some friendly banter. Both of these brothers are also friends and I won’t lose contact with them.

Brand owners

Next is John, the man behind the legendary Big Phat Beard. This guy has been one of my biggest supporters and has been there literally since day one. With his calm reasoning and unbelievable knowledge, I am forever grateful for everything he has done for me. I will definitely be over to Dublin at some point to get a beard trim and have a pint with you John lad!

Jason, the big guy with a big heart. The man behind Beard Manners has been a joy to know and I am in awe of his strength and commitment. I don’t think I’ve met anyone with such a great outlook on life and I will always be there to support my fellow Essex boy! I hope to see you this year my friend, first round is on me!!

The brothers Kerrison, Scott and Josh. The brains behind Brenin Beard and two genuinely lovely guys. I’ve been a big supporter since they launched and I will always be available to help test your awesome products! Qatar might be a bit too far but a trek in the Welsh hills is definitely on my to do list this year Scott!

Hinterlands Beard Oil owner Josh has always been a big supporter of mine and I have loved being part of his journey. I love the products and the man behind them is possibly the nicest man on Earth! Next time I’m in or near London, I will be looking you up my friend!

Anyone else?

Stian Engen, owner of Helheim LTD has been with me since day one and I can’t thank him enough for all of his support. He designed all of my logos with the last one being the Pièce de résistance. I actually feel like I have known Stian for about 20 years and I can’t see that changing now. Stian, Norway is big on my to do list but the first round will definitely be on you!!

Andy ‘Beard Tings’ Black. What can I say about this man. A larger than life personality (and head!!), his sense of humour and no fucks given attitude have had me in stitches. From cuckoldgate to copper, legend is too small a word for him. With some of the finest products including my all time favourite, Vintage Leather, there is no stopping him in 2022. Andy, next time I’m in Carlisle it is on!!

Last but not least, my man Dan, Docks Bearded Reviews. An absolute rock and legend who has been a massive support throughout my journey. From being part of the Beard Tings Massive, to starting up the UK Beard Portal together, it has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you. I probably speak to Dan more than my Mrs so that won’t stop and we will continue to work together on the Portal. I have already been lucky enough to have a pint with this man but Dan, we definitely need to do it again!

Is that it…….?

Just quickly, these guys have all been amazing.

Scott Evans, Gary and Dave (Wee Smokey/Mr Midlife Crisis and NI Bandit), John Firebeard, Daniel (Runesilk), William Hercules Morgan (Blue Steel), Sean (Trinity Beards), Aaron Morgan, Ryan (The Bearded Burn) and so many more. Thank you all for your support over the last couple of years!

Is this really goodbye?

Goodbye has such a finality to it. It sounds as if I will be gone forever but I’ll still be around. Instead of saying goodbye, I’ll simply say see you later!

You can still read my blogs and reviews if you want and while they are still there!

Thanks for reading Goodbye, it has been an absolute pleasure.

Take care and keep growing


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  1. It’s been an absolute pleasure brother, the reviewing world will miss you but I cant wait to see the portal grow now it has more of your attention. Good luck with your future plans

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