Hinterlands Beard Oil Review

Hinterlands Beard Oil Review.

Hinterlands Beard Oil was launched in 2020 by Josh Overton. Josh was growing his beard for the umpteenth time and this time he was going to keep it!!

He researched all the info and started making his own oils. After several experiments with different oils he found something he liked. The rest is history and you can read his full story on how the lockdown gave him the time to finally launch his beard oils here. Here’s my Hinterlands Beard Oil Review.

What did I get?

At the moment Hinterlands have 3 oils to choose from. Explorer, Early Riser and Nordic Mist. I spoke to Josh and asked him about his oils and which one he would choose. Obviously that was an impossible decision for him as they are all his favourite!!

He sent me a list of ingredients for each one so I could make a decision. I have recently developed a bit of an obsession with Norway and all its beauty so I went with Nordic Mist. It did not disappoint!

Let’s go over my 5 key factors to get an idea of how good this beard oil really is!


Oh my word! The scent is amazing and this has become my go to oil straight away. Nordic Mist has a blend of Pine Needle, Juniper Berry and Cedarwood as the essential oils.

Mixed together and these give you a real forest smell to freshen you up and make you want to get outdoors. I’ve tried several tree based scents and this is by far the best one yet!

If I was to close my eyes with this oil in my beard I would feel transported to a large forest. I could hear the trees whispering and smell the freshly fallen pine needles. Yes, it is that good!

Staying Power.

I used the oil for a full week and I have to say I am very impressed with its staying power. I’ve put it through sweaty, dusty warehouses, beach and forest walks, long runs and strenuous exercising. (Strenuous for me anyway!)

Pretty much anything I could do while using the oil I did. This scent lasts really well. It has managed to remain from between 7-9 hours which is excellent for a Woodsy scent to last. Most ones that I have used in the past peter out after 4-5 hours.


My beard feels amazingly soft and smooth. You can really tell the difference from other oils I have used. My grey hairs don’t feel as wiry as they did before and blend in with the rest of my non grey whiskers in softness. That has only happened with one other oil so far!

The oil really does its job by keeping the beard moisturised and well nourished. There’s no dryness and it spreads really well throughout the beard.


Nordic Mist really helps keep the moisture locked into your skin. It feels soft and although I’m past the itchy stage myself, I can tell that this will massively benefit those just starting out. This is probably down to the castor oil which is known to help promote healthy skin. It also makes the oil slightly thicker which is a great thing!

The oil dissolves into your skin nicely leaving no excess and it doesn’t make the skin feel greasy. Some oils can do this but Josh has nailed it with his carrier oils.

Talking of carrier oils, Josh has used more than one. In fact, he has used 3, all of which benefit your skin and your beard. You can learn more about cold pressed carrier oils here.

Value for money.

Those of you that have read my reviews before will know that this is the hardest one for me. But, I’ll tell you why I think Hinterlands is great value for money.

All the oils are 100% natural, organic and cold pressed. (See above link for more info.) Josh uses more than 1 carrier oil in his products bringing multiple benefits for your beard and the skin underneath.

The essential oils mixed together make one of the most delightful scents I have had the good fortune to smell. This can be the deciding factor when buying an oil as you want your beard to stay smelling great all day.

Josh has also partnered up with One Tree Planted. Every bottle that Josh sells, a tree will be planted. This is an amazing project to help revitalise our woods and forests throughout the world.

All this together makes the price of £15 for 30ml an absolute steal. I also really like the fact that the price is a flat £15 and not £14.99 as it makes it so much easier when purchasing. I am not a fan of the odd amounts you see so this appeals to me.


Nordic Mist is by far the best oil I have tried this year. Josh is extremely passionate about his brand and you can tell by the quality of his oils. His labels are stunning and really connect with his brand identity. They are possibly the best labels I have ever seen on a beard oil.

I am not affiliated with Hinterlands beard Oil in any way, but, I highly recommend you try these oils. Today!!

You can do this by clicking the banner below. Go on, treat yourself and buy one of the best oils on the market.

I was also extremely privileged to be sent one of Hinterlands new scents which will be available later this year. Hopefully sooner rather than later! To be in with a chance of winning one of these fantastic new scents all you have to do is subscribe to my newsletter. There is a link on the main page!

Thanks for reading my Hinterlands Beard Oil Review and don’t forget to check out At last, a trim! More to come tomorrow.

Take care and keep growing




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