How I review beard products

You might think this is self-explanatory but you would be wrong. Don’t all reviewers review beard products the same way? No, they do not! I’m going to break down how most people review beard products and then how I review beard products.

So, how do others review beard products?

The vast majority of reviewers don’t actually use the product more than once. In fact, there’s quite a few that just sniff the bottle and give their opinion! This is called shit reviewing.

One American reviewer pumped out 4 beard product reviews on YouTube in a week. That’s right, one week. In fact, in my humble opinion I would hazard a guess that the vast majority of American beard product reviewers only use the stuff for a day or two.

This isn’t fact but judging by the information given in the videos, it seems pretty obvious what they are doing. There used to be a lot of UK reviewers on the scene and that was definitely the case. How could I tell? By the amount of product left. If a bottle looks full then the reviewer hasn’t even made an effort.

Most of them had only used the product on the day they filmed or wrote the review. Thankfully, most of those reviewers have quit the scene and gone back to their day job!

Why did they do that?

The more products you try, the more reviews you can do, the more content it creates and the bigger chance of growing your audience. Phew!!

They did it to try and show that they were an authority on the subject. By putting out half arsed reviews with little to no real information and even getting things like the brands names wrong. These guys sucked! Not only that but they had videos that lasted for 18/20 minutes which really dragged on.

What was even worse is some of them thought that a video of them sniffing the product would somehow, magically let the viewers know how it smelt. There is literally nothing worse than watching and listening to someone sniff something!

How I review beard products.

This is where I have always been different to the majority of reviewers. I test a beard product for a minimum of 7 days. This year I am going for a minimum of 10. Why? Because it gives me a much bigger picture on how a product works. Some products fare better than others in different conditions.

Some people will say it doesn’t matter. The product is the same no matter what. I have had people comment to me that there is no need to try products for that long to be able to break it down. I call bullshit on that. If you are going to do something, do it fucking properly!

The other thing I do is only review products that have their CPSR done. This obviously only applies to the UK brands. Why? Because if you don’t have your CPSR you are breaking the law and I will call you the fuck out!

All weathers!

I will use the product indoors, outdoors and doing various different activities. I like to take long walks with my dog so I will go to the beach, the woods, the riverside and other places. I’ll go out in the rain and sun (if there is any!) so that I know how long the scent lasts in different conditions.

I’ll use the product at work and at home, doing chores and doing nothing. That way I can get a really good feel for the product I am using. I want to know every detail that I possibly can so that I can give my true and honest opinion.

Why go to all that hassle when no one else does?

I’m a true believer in doing something properly. If I want to buy a car, I’ll take it for a test drive and not just trust that the salesman is being honest. They rarely are!! I want to be able to know the product inside out so I can be sure that what I say is the truth.

This is why I believe that my reviews are the most honest, reliable and unbiased in the business. I don’t get paid to review products, you know, like a bribe! Most people know that there is a reviewer over in America/Canada (I’m not sure which) that charges brands in order to give them a glowing review. This is called scamming the viewers/subscribers as it isn’t an actual honest opinion!

Pay your way

I pay for all my products unless the owner offers me a freebie or I win something in a competition. I don’t ask for freebies although I will ask for a discount. I’m not made of money!

This means that when you read a review that I have written, you can be sure that it is my honest opinion. I haven’t been bribed and whatever I write is my own discovery of how the product performs. Tested over 10 days is my guarantee to both the brands I review and to the people who read my reviews.

What reviews are planned?

Next Friday is my first review of 2023. You will get more info on who it is nearer the time! This year I have lined up Odins Beard Care, Runesilk, The Urban Gent, The Bald Viking Beard Company from the UK. I’m also reviewing 4 brands from across the water. They are Barnbrand Beards, Beard Brothers, Magic City and Black rebel Beard Co.

That’s just the first 8 and they aren’t just oils. I’m going to be mixing it up with balms and butters too. Not only that but my infamous rating system will be back.

That’s it for today, I’ll be back with the big review on Friday and a blog about white label beard products and why you should avoid them coming soon.

I’ll see you then but in the meantime why not read my last blog, It’s a Yeard thing – 3 weeks in. And, if you want me to give your product a thorough, honest and unbiased review then message me on Instagram and I’ll see if I can fit you in to my schedule! (P.S I buy my products in case you missed it in the above paragraphs!)

Take care and keep growing


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