Infernal Beard Co Review – King Solomon

I am back with another product review after a hectic week! This time it’s Infernal Beard Co under the spotlight after the generous Lorin sent me some goodies! Here’s my Infernal Beard Co Review – King Solomon.

Who are Infernal Beard Co?

Infernal Beard Co are a husband and wife team, Stephanie and Lorin. You can read the full story here. In short, they started the company after making their own products for themselves. They have an affinity with the occult and you can see that in their packaging designs and Beard Oil names.

The products are well packaged in lovely boxes and you can tell they have put a lot of thought and effort into the design. I was lucky enough to receive the King Solomon and The Green Man beard oils as well as the Merlin Ambrosius balm.

Let’s move on to the King Solomon oil and see how it got on!


This oil is unique in the fact that it has only 1 carrier oil and 7 essential oils. We’ll get to the carrier oil shortly! The essential oils in King Solomon are Myrrh, Frankincense (Boswellia Rivae), Benzoin, Patchouli, Rose Absolute, Opoponax (Sweet Myrrh) and Sandalwood.

It has a very earthy smell as you probably guessed from the essential oils. You get an instant hit of the strong musky fragrance of patchouli blended with the sweet smell of Opoponax when you first apply the oil to your beard. After about 20 minutes it mellows and the woody aroma of Myrrh and Sandalwood take effect, blending nicely with the sweeter Benzoin and the Rose Absolute.

It takes a bit of getting used to and at first I was unsure what I thought of the oil when it was in my beard. The fragrance grew on me as I used it more often and although it’s not my favourite scent, it is one I would use again. It is definitely for those that like an earthy, musky, woody smell and it won’t disappoint if that is your thing!

It had an almost calming effect on me throughout the day and the smell kept coming in waves with slightly different scents, depending on what I was doing and wether I was inside or out

Staying Power

This was a strange one for me because it doesn’t last long enough. Only, it does last long enough. But, not all of it lasts long enough all the time…… I’ll try to explain!

The first time I used the oil the scent probably lasted about 4 hours. Not great in my opinion but not the worst. However, just when I thought the smell had gone I went outside. And, as if by magic, the fragrance revived itself. It wasn’t as strong but it was definitely there, giving off its woody sweet aroma.

This happened several times during the 2 weeks I was using the oil. Just when I thought it had gone, boom, it came back. It seemed to react to the different environments it was in. It did only last for a couple of hours extra but I liked the way it kind of clung on to the beard.


Here’s where the 1 carrier oil comes into play. Infernal Beard Co decided that they wanted to have only 1 carrier oil in their products. They wanted to take the traditional methodology route to give 100% benefit of the single carrier. In the end, after testing several different carriers, they went for Sweet Almond Oil.

Sweet Almond Oil has many different benefits for both your skin and hair. It is rich in vitamin B-7 or biotin, which is known to help promote hair growth.

After using this for nearly 2 weeks, I have to say my beard felt softer and well nourished. I could feel a difference in the overall texture of my beard with my greys the softest they have been in a while!


Again, the Almond Oil helped make my skin feel soft and well mousturised. Using just the one carrier oil definitely has it’s benefits as you do get to feel the full effect of the one oil.

Value For Money

At £14.99 this oil is good value for money. It is considered as a Premium Oil and it does feel that way. They have other oils priced at £9.99 including The Green Man which I hope to test before the year is out!


This is a fine oil that definitely feels good in the beard. The scent might not be to everyone’s taste, but, if you like the earthy, woody fragrances then you will love this one!

I love the packaging and the occult theme makes them stand out from other Beard companies. If you want to purchase any of their products visit

Thanks for reading Infernal Beard Co Review – King Solomon. While you’re here why not check out my last blog The Beard Struggle – Exposed

Take care and keep growing


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