Is the beard finished?

Beards fully came back into “fashion” in 2012 and has exploded in popularity ever since! I mean, beards have always been around but 2012 is the year that they became the trend! Now it’s 2020, so is the beard finished?

Don’t grow a beard to be trendy!

If you are just growing a beard to be trendy then you are doing it for the wrong reasons. Do you really want to be following the crowd? Be the shepherd, not the sheep!

Growing a beard takes time, patience and commitment. Most people that grow to be up to date with the latest fashion get bored quickly and will shave it at the first opportunity.

Men who grow their beard because they want to, tend to stick it out and keep their mane for years or even forever. They want to have their own identity and the beard is part of that.

Doing it for you.

That’s right, you’ve got to do it for yourself. After all it is your face! Growing a beard for someone else will never end well. Similarly, shaving your beard for someone else will leave you with regret.

Whatever your reason for growing a glorious mane make sure you are doing it for you!

Get a style that suits you.

Choosing a style of beard is similar to choosing what hairstyle you want to have. Although, sometimes you don’t actually have a choice. It all depends on 2 things.

1. The shape of your face. Yes, your beard style can all depend on the shape of your face. You need to tailor it so that it doesn’t look like someone just stuck on a fake beard!

2. Your genes. Some people are unable to grow a full beard because the sides never fill out. This would leave you with a choice of goatee or moustache.

Other people can grow beards so long that you could trip over them, whereas others can only grow a couple of inches. It’s all down to the genes.

The beard is here to stay.

Beards are going nowhere and that’s a good thing! In fact, more men are growing beards now than ever before.

This has created a boom in the beard care market. There are loads of companies that have jumped on the beard revolution and as of 2018 it was worth a staggering $24 billion. By 2026 it is expected to reach $43 billion. That’s insane!

There are tons of quality beard care products out there, I’ll be reviewing as many as I can. But you also get some very poor ones. Not only are the products cheaply made, but often they don’t follow the legal guidelines with regard to testing!

Over the next few weeks and months I will be trying out a range of beard care products so you can make an informed choice. In fact have a read of The Beard Struggle – Beard Wash review.

I’m going to bring this to an end and answer the headline question, is the beard finished? It’s an emphatic no!

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Take care and keep growing brothers


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