This is it, the beginning of another journey regarding facial hair. I’ve grown/am still growing a moustache and now comes the beard! It’s a Yeard thing! Day one. And yes, I do look sad. Wouldn’t you if you had shaved your beard?!

The beginning

Well, I had a beard and then I didn’t. I grew it again and then I shaved it. Then came a moustache and that has stayed so far! In fact, it’s going to stay and you might think that I’m not growing a proper Yeard. Well fuck you!! I can grow a yeard anyway I like! No offence……

As of today I will be documenting my beard growth over an entire year. Photos, videos and updates on here to let you know how I’m getting on! I am keeping the tache because I can.


What is a yeard?

A yeard is a beard that has been growing for a year. Some people say that you can’t trim, shape or tidy a yeard but this is false. Sometimes you do need a tidy up to help keep the beard fresh and healthy. You can follow the full yeard method which is growing without any trimming but not me.

I will try to avoid trimming it for as long as possible but, I will be shaping it and keeping it smart on the sides. I do work with the public and don’t want to look like a complete fucking mess!! I will be looking a bit of a state as it first grows out but I can live with that.

So, minimum trimming, use decent products, have patience and grow it out for a full year. That is it as far as a yeard is concerned.

While I’m growing, I’ll be throwing…..

…out reviews! I mentioned this in my last blog which you can read here. I will be checking out some new brands I have never used before as well as some of the old favourites. The ratings will be back and the reviews will be in depth, honest and straight talking as always.

I will also be creating more reels and videos on social media to really show you the product I’m reviewing or how my yeard is growing. There will be much more coming in the new year so watch this space!

New Year

Talking of new year, I will be releasing 2 blogs this week and maybe 1 or 2 next week. I will then be taking a break over Christmas from blogging and will be back in the first week of January. Sometimes you need to put your family first!

When I do come back there might be one of my famous hard core blogs. Maybe it will be about the pay for reviews scam that’s happening in America! You will have to wait and see…….

That’s everything from me, thanks for reading and look out for my blog later this week on beard balm.

Take care and keep growing


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