It’s Monday and it’s the end of January already! Where the fuck did that month go and how come it took so long! It’s time to check in with It’s a Yeard Thing – January update.

A long short month

January is one hell of a fucked up month. It has been ridiculously long whilst also gone in a flash. Like seriously, it’s February on Wednesday!!

In that time I have reviewed 2 beard oils and you can read them here if you want! Runesilk and The Urban Gent went under the spotlight and both came out doing fairly well. The next review is for American company Beard Brothers and their Sandalwood Bourbon oil.

The Yeard

It’s coming along nicely although not as quickly as I would like. I must remember my own advice and be patient! One thing for sure, I won’t be shaving my beard off ever again.

As a long time bearded person I have escaped all the problems that first time growers have. No beard itch, thanks to some fab products and it’s all growing smoothly.

The next decision for me is if I trim it or not? I’m in two minds. Do I get it shaped now, line up the cheeks and under the chin? Do I wait another month before taking the plunge? Or, do I just not trim at all and let it go caveman style? Let me know what you think I should do in the comments.


This is going to be a busy month again for me. I am releasing another two reviews, both American companies, as well as my usual blogs etc…

There will be something coming very soon which I am excited about and I hope you will be too. Details will be shared in the very near future so look out for that!!

There are other things in the pipeline as well which, to me, are very exciting and I can’t wait to tell you nearer the time.

That is pretty much it in this short It’s a Yeard Thing – January update. I’m really keen to get your opinion on what you want from me? If you would be kind enough to leave a comment to let me know what kind of content you want me to produce.

Do you want different subjects, more informative blogs, more things like A History Of Beards? Would you like to see some video reviews or tips and tricks? Would you like more reviews, fewer reviews, no reviews? Let me know in the comments. Go wild with your suggestions!!

Okay, thanks for reading and I will be back on Wednesday with a debate about beard butter! Until then, take care and keep growing


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