I’ve been a bit quiet!

I’ve been a bit quiet lately! Sorry for that. Work, eat, sleep and repeat had been the way last week. But, now I’m set for the week ahead and I have plenty of new content to bring you all! Plus, if you sign up to the newsletter, you will get even more great tips, info and offers from me!

Keeping fit!

Well, this hasn’t gone as well as I hoped but enough excuses! I’m back on the roads this week and running more. I’ve lost a couple of pounds during the last week but it’s not nearly as many as I was initially hoping for.

The reason is simple. I didn’t motivate myself enough and was lazy. This is not what I intended so let’s see what I can achieve this week. To do this I am going to be using the BBC couch to 5k app. I tried to do too much at once last time so using this will help me achieve my goal.

I am also going to be continuing my 30 day challenges although again, I have fallen behind on these also. The way I look at it is when you try to achieve something, you won’t always succeed on the first go. What is important is that you don’t give up on those goals!

Beard product reviews.

Obviously I need money to be able to purchase beard products on a regular basis so I am talking to several beard companies about sending me testers to review for you guys. If you are a beard company and you want to get your products out there please feel free to contact me by email tony@thebeardedbrit.com.

The amazing Josh Overton, who owns Hinterlands Beard Oil was kind enough to sort me out recently. Don’t forget to check out my Hinterlands Beard Oil Review. Not only did he send me the Nordic Mist oil, but also one of his new scents. There will be another review on that soon.


Watch this space for some exciting collaborations with some awesome people and brands in the next month or two!


I’ve been asked by a lot of people about my YouTube channel but unfortunately that is still on hold for now. Keep tuning in for more info on that and everything else to do with beards, fitness and all that jazz!

Thanks again for stopping by to read I’ve been a bit quiet. I’ll be back tomorrow

Take care and keep growing!



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