My Movember Journey – Chapter Five

This is the penultimate chapter before I complete this weird and wonderful month. Read on for My Movember Journey – Chapter Five.

The photo

Right, let me explain. Day 23 was actually day 22. Day 24 was day 23 and Target £200 was day 24!! I was a little bit drunk when I took the two day 24 photos! Days 25 – 27 are the right days. Please forgive Day 27!!

Hit the target!

I want to start off with a massive thank you to everyone who has donated so far. I have hit my target of £200 thanks to some great donations from my work colleagues. Not forgetting Callum from The Bald Viking, Berserker Beards, Scott Kerrison (Of Brenin Beard fame!), the local hairdresser and a Tottenham fan.

I guess my hope of the Beard Community coming together to support a charity that helps mens mental health, suicide prevention and mens cancers was a bit too much to ask. I know so many of the community who have struggled with depression etc that I thought there would be more support.

It’s all good though, I have never asked for favours from any of the people or companies that I have spent time supporting, and I won’t start now!! If you do want to throw a couple of quid into this amazing cause for men (how many charities are just for men?) then click the link.


The press-up challenge

So, last week I had to do 177 a day to achieve my target. I haven’t quite managed that yet (maybe that’s why the beard community haven’t donated yet!!) but I am getting close. As I write this, on Sunday evening, I am on 2,400. That’s an average of 166 a day. Two days at 150 and four at 175.

That leaves me 600 to do in 3 days. Can I push myself that little bit further? I’m not sure but I’m going to give it a hell of a go! Everything hurts and my back feels like it is on fire. No pain, no gain is the old saying. Well, it can go fuck itself!!

The tache

It’s coming along nicely, looking more 70s porn star than Magnum PI. I don’t think I wear it very well and I’ve possibly made it worse by shaving the stubble and the head! The stubble did grow in as I couldn’t be arsed to keep shaving it but tonight it went.

Well, it went really short! I couldn’t bring myself to have a fully shaved face again, I just feel too naked. However, I might keep this tache until the end of December. I might not! On the 1st of January I will shave my face and begin my Yeard journey!! (I won’t be asking for any donations on this one!!)

That’s it for now, I will be back on Friday with my final chapter of My Movember Journey!! In the meantime, if you haven’t already then check out My Movember Journey chapters One, Two, Three and Four.

Until Friday, take care, keep growing and please donate to this amazing mens charity here!


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