My Movember Journey – Chapter Four

Fuck me! 3 weeks in and I’m feeling goooooood!! Check out My Movember Journey – Chapter Four.

3 weeks in

I know, there’s 2 day 17’s in there! This is because I forgot to take one on day 16 so I took one photo in the morning and one in the evening! And, day 21 doesn’t really show off the tache at all because of the stubble.

To be honest, I thought my tache would be bigger at this stage. I know it’s only 21 days but still, the disapointment is there gnawing away in the back of my mind. “You’re not a man, a man would have a full on fucking beard by now! You’re a fucking bird!”

Yep, my mind is sexist! I, however, am not. But, it does feel a little bit weird. I haven’t shaved the stubble since last Monday or Sunday. I can’t remember which! I have a bit of a moustache beard going on and I kind of like it. Maybe that will be my main goal next year. We shal see.




They have been coming in from my work colleagues which is lovely. None yet from the beard community (other than The Bald Viking and Berserker Beards) but I’m sure you wonderful people are waiting to see the end product!! It won’t be long now.

If you want to donate before I’ve finished then please feel free to click the link below!


Press ups

These are getting back on track. The old back is still sore but I’m doing what I can. Last week I was on 700 and was needing to do 145 a day to pull it back.

The bad news is I haven’t got to that level yet but, the good news is I’m back up to 100 a day. I am doing them at intervals during the day as I am working so breaking it up into 25 x 4. I’m now on 1400 as of Monday so I still need to do 1600 in 9 days. That equals 177 a day.

I’ll be honest, I’m going to struggle to get that done and might have to go beyond the 30 days. We shall see though. You never know what you can achieve when your back is against the wall. I’m sure the donations that are about to come flooding in will help spur me on. Talkking of Spurs, even my window cleaner who is a Tottenham fan has donated. If a dirty Spurs supporter can donate to a Gooner, anyone can!!

That’s it for today. I’ll be back with another update next week so why not catch up on parts One, Two and Three in the meantime.

Take care, keep growing and donate here! (Please!!)


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