My Movember Journey – Chapter Six

This is it, the final chapter. You can all breathe a sigh of relief as there will be no more begging for donations! This is My Movember Journey – Chapter Six.

The tache

It has got to a fairly decent size. I was hoping for it to be a bit bigger (that’s what she said!), but, it will have to do. I think 30 days isn’t enough time for my genetics to really take hold. Maybe it will take another couple of months before we start to see what the end product might look like.

I’m happy enough with it and will probably keep it and let the beard grow in. I am considering growing a Yeard starting in January but I might start it now. We shall see.

The press-ups

Well, it was hard going and it took me a day longer than I had hoped. After starting slowly due to a shoulder injury and then putting my back out, I was always up against it! In my last blog I had 600 to do in 3 days but it took me 4. That means I failed my challenge, technically!

I still feel a massive sense of pride for having achieved this even if it did take me 31 days and not 30. I might go for it again next year just to see if I can do it. For now, I am going to rest and guess what, I slipped on the ice, fell on my arse and sprained my wrist on Wednesday. Luckily it was after doing 175 press-ups which left me 75 to do on Thursday. It was hard going but I did it.

The donations

I am currently on £215 but there is still time to go higher. I know we are in the middle of a cost of living crisis but, if you can spare a couple of quid to go to a charity that has more than likely helped a lot of us with our problems, then that would be amazing.

I won’t ask again! Promise……pinky promise!!


What next?

There will be more blogs, more straight talking and maybe even some reviews in the new year! Until next time I want to thank all of you who have donated to the charity or shared my posts. You’ve been amazing! You can read the previous chapters One, Two, Three, Four and Five.

Take care and keep growing


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