My Movember Journey – Chapter Three

Well, here we are. Chapter Three of My Movember Journey is upon us and I have some shocking news for you. Read on to find out more!!

Entering my 3rd week.

It was an eventful week last week. My back went on the Monday and has just started to feel better in the last couple of days. I went 6 days without doing any press-ups which has set me back considerably. I had managed 600 in 7 days due to a shoulder injury at the start of November.

Fuck me, I sound like an old man with all these aches and pains! I should be on 1400 press-ups done and I managed 50 on Sunday and 50 on Monday. This means I am 700 press-ups behind. Eeeeeek! My back feels much better now so will be back up to 100 on Tuesday (today) bar any other unfortunate incidents.

I still have 16 days left and need to achieve another 2300 to complete my target of 3000. I’m going to have to do roughly 145 a day from now until the 30th. Can I do it?

The shocking news……

I now have a moustache. Not a beard and moustache, just a moustache. It feels weird and looks even weirder. I was described by a work colleague as a mix of Hitler and Dahmer. Not what I wanted to hear!! Still, if the cap fits………

All joking aside, this is the first time I have only had a moustache and it does take some getting used to. It’s not a fully formed lip warmer yet, still more stubble than whiskers. Let’s see how it develops over the next week. The 3rd week is always the one where things seem to take a leap.

Get donating……please!

I’ve had a few cash donations since last weeks blog but none yet from the wonderful bearded community. I know things are tight at the moment but every pound helps.

As some of you know I have had my fair share of mental health issues and suffer from depression. It’s under control at the moment but many young men don’t have the same support as I had. That’s why Movember started this amazing charity. They want to stop men dying young from suicide. In fact, they just want to stop men from dying at all.

Now, we know that’s not possible but they have funded over 1250 mens health projects over 18 years. You can check out their impact here. To help me raise awareness and money for this amazing mens charity then click the link below to donate.


Check out My Movember Journey Chapter One and Two to recap on my journey so far.

Thanks for reading My Movember Journey – Chapter Three and thanks to all those who have donated so far. The love is real!

Until next week, take care and keep growing



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