My Movember Journey – Chapter Two

Well hello there you beautiful bearded bastards! Welcome to My Movember Journey – Chapter Two. Today I’ll show you my progress, ask for some donations and chat some shit with ya!

How’s it going?

One week in and I’ve got some stubble! It’s a bit lame but I need to remind myself that it is just 7 days in and not 7 weeks. Obviously I need to shave off the beardy bits and keep the moustache part which I will probably do tonight or tomorrow.

One thing I have noticed is that my head is a really weird shape in these photos! And, I have definitely got a double chin. Alright ya bunch of cunts, a triple chin!!

I hate not having a beard but, when it’s for a good cause then I can live with it a bit longer. That reminds me, anyone want to donate? If it’s £1, £10 or £50, it all goes to a fantastic charity that supports mens health. Mental health, mens cancer and more. Check out what Movember do here. You can also donate right here! 

What about the press ups?

As some of you know, I struggled for the first few days with a shoulder injury. I have got myself back on track though and have achieved 650 press ups in 7 days! I’m only 50 behind my target of 700 so pretty happy with that.

Unfortunately today my back went and fucked itself up! I had been at a Biffy Clyro gig in Glasgow and Monday mormning after breakfast I twisted slightly and my back told me to FUCK OFF!! The pain was sharp and intense but worry not. I have suffered from a bad back for years and I should be back on it by Wednesday or, at the latest, Thursday.

I’ll have a lot of catching up to do but fuck it. A challenge is what I wanted and it’s what I’ve got!!

Donation, donation, donation…

I have had 3 donations so far so things haven’t moved on since my blog last week. Callum from The Bald Viking, Berserker Beards and a local hairdresser have donated between them £110 so thank you very much for that guys.

I have put out my link to people at work so should see some rolling in soon and obviously I have shared my link with the amazing beard community. I don’t expect much but every little helps and I appreciate every single pound that comes my way.

I know times are tough but these issues are close to a lot of people within the beard community so let’s get this together and help a charity that helps us! The money goes directly to Movember, no middle man bullshit!


What else is happening?

So, my review of Thor – Love and Thunder didn’t happen. It’s a bit late now for that film to get a review but there will be other things coming this way very soon!

I will be taking a break from stuff in the last 2 weeks of December to focus on work and the family. I will be blogging up until then and will be back in January with some more blogs and reviews of various products and other things!

There might also be a surprise or two in the New Year!

I have decided to close the shop down as I have recently been a victim of a fraudulent activity which has caused no end of issues for me. I wasn’t making much from it anyway so now is a good time to let it go. Maybe it will be back or maybe not, we shall see!

That’s it for now you wonderful people. Thanks for reading My Movember Journey – Chapter Two. If you haven’t already then check out My Movember Journey – Chapter One.

In the meantime, take care and keep growing


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