Patience, Do You Have It?

Are you growing a beard for the first time? Or are you re-growing your mane back to its former glory? Whatever stage you are at, growing a beard takes Patience, Do You Have It?

The Beginning

When you start growing a beard it can take some time to get used to the growing process. It itches, you scratch it and then you get fed up and shave it. I went through this several times before doing a bit of research.

I first started attempting to grow a beard back when I was 17. Had some serious bum fluff and a few manly whiskers trying to break through. I thought I looked ridiculous so I just shaved it off. I continued to shave for another 4 years.

When I hit 21 I tried again and this time I went for the Goatee. I thought I looked cool but I didn’t! Still, I persevered with it for about a year before getting a job that required a shaven face.

Into the 30s

I had dabbled with growing beards and then shaving them off throughout my 30s. It was a familiar pattern of growing just beyond stubble, getting itchy and shaving. Round and round until, at 38, I took a stand!

I made the decision, after several hours of research, that I would go full beard. But, this time I was armed with knowledge and beard oil. I still hadn’t thought about beard wash at this stage and was using (don’t try this at home) hair shampoo!

The oil was a fairly cheap one I picked up from a supermarket but it helped with the itchiness. However, I found my beard was still dry and full of dandruff. The answer, I needed beard wash.

Growing With Care

I looked at a few products before finding one that was reasonably priced and a good quality. Once I started using the beard wash and the oil, my beard was transformed!

The difference was amazing, no more itchiness, no more dandruff, life was good. I grew out my mane and I loved it. It was a big fluffy mess but I didn’t care. It was my beard.

I have used many products since and I will continue to try out new ones. In fact, I will be doing beard product reviews on here soon!

Eventually, I learnt how to tame it and 6 years on I still have a beard. That’s not to say I haven’t shaved it all off during those years. When trying to trim and shape my own beard I made many mistakes leading me to have to start again.

What’s The Point Of This?

OK, I’ve rambled on about me growing a beard! The point though is I had been trying growing a beard, on and off for over 20 years. One thing I didn’t have throughout those years was patience. When I realised that patience was probably the most important aspect to growing out your beard, then everything else fell into place.

I am back to growing out my beard as long as I can, just because I can! This time I am armed with patience.

Are You Growing A Beard?

If you are reading this the chances are you either have a beard or you are trying to grow one. And if this is your first attempt to grow a beard then I am here for you brother. If it’s growing advice, product advice or just a friendly place to talk about your experience then it’s all here.

A couple of tips for you.

  • Use good quality beard products. Oil, beard wash, conditioner etc.
  • Don’t use hair shampoo or cheap £1 beard oils. They don’t cut it.
  • Get a beard brush and comb. Keep that mane tidy!
  • Grow for you, no-one else!
  • Be prepared to deal with questions and haters.

And most of all you need to have patience, do you have it?

Thanks for stopping by. Check out my last blog Why Do You Grow A Beard?

All the best, Tony

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