Quick beard blog!

Hi everyone, this is just a quick beard blog today. I’m short on time and if I’m honest I’m still recovering from going for a run the other day!!

It’s nearly time!

I mean that it’s nearly time for me to visit my barbers! I’m so excited to get my beard tidied up, a bit too excited if I’m honest!! I’ll keep you posted on my new-look over on Instagram as well as on here.

My beard is also getting a new beard oil that I’m really pumped to try out. I will be posting an overview of the company and putting a review on here once I’ve given it a thorough test!

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A new clothing company.

I’m also pleased to be a part of a new clothing company from Norway. I am lucky enough to be getting a couple of T-shirts to try out. Not going to spoil the surprise but I will be back on here with a company overview. (You might have seen my advert for them on the website in the sidebar!)


I’m still broken from going for that run but I will be back on the roads and still doing my ab and push up challenges. You might even get a before and after photo of the belly if you’re unlucky enough!

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Thanks for coming by to read a quick beard blog! Don’t forget to check out Getting fit hurts!

Take care and keep growing


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