Welcome bearded brothers and beard loving sisters to another review. This time it’s Cosy Beard in the hot seat and this Irish brand has been causing waves with his Irish themed scents. Let’s get into it with my Review of Causeway Beard Oil by Cosy Beard.

Who are Cosy Beard?

Josh is the owner/founder of Cosy Beard and like so many Beard Companies, he started it during lockdown of 2020. Having been furloughed from work, Josh looked at ways to keep him occupied and noticed the lockdown beard was becoming a thing. He wanted to do something different with his brand though and opted for a more comforting feel around his brand. Cosy Beard was born!

Starting out with some accessories such as the patch and some clothing to raise awareness of the brand. Josh then spent time trying to perfect his goods. He wanted to bring an authentic Irish feel to his products and the end result is….. Well, you’ll have to wait and see!

Cosy have four Oils with matching balms in their lineup. Causeway, Irish Stout, Zombie and an unscented oil. Today I’m only concerned with one! Let’s jump in to the Review of causeway beard Oil by Cosy Beard.


Upon opening the bottle you can tell this is going to be special. The scent doesn’t hit you with a powerful blast, instead it slowly works its way into your nostrils. The top note of Butterscotch is mellow  and stunningly elegant as it floods your senses with the soft caress of a lover. Not overbearing, just perfect. I felt like a 10 year old again, the butterscotch sauce poured over ice cream for my dessert! I like to feel something when I smell an oil and be transported to a different place, and this delivered!

There is a delicate trace of sea salt that makes its way through the sweetness and just gives it a little bit of a push before the citrus kicks in. The citrus is very mild as well and doesn’t overwhelm the main fragrance which is impressive. It just adds a fresh zest to the overall scent to keep it going. I didn’t really get the scent of Whisky in there but that could be due to the strength of the Butterscotch. Let’s breakdown the oils used for the scent.

Citrus Medica Limonum

This essential oil is good for your skin and is widely used in the cosmetic industry. The citrusy smell derived from lemons is fresh and zingy and you do get a bit of that come through in the overall scent. It also helps to make the oil more absorbent.

Hexyl cinnamaldehyde

Another common additive in perfume and cosmetics as aroma substance. It is actually found naturally in the essential oil of chamomile.


Geraniol apparently has a rose like scent and it is also commonly used in perfumes. It is also used in flavours such as red apple amongst others.


A strong lemon odour used in perfumery and also as a flavour.

Staying Power

For such a mellow oil it lasts a surprisingly long time. I used it for a full seven days and it lasted for about 8 hours under normal circumstances. As you all know I like to really test the oils in different conditions and I have to say, in the main it didn’t disappoint.

I used it at work while wearing a mask and it kept going. Even after I had finished for the day there was still a faint trace. This could have been due to the scent rubbing off into the mask itself and thus, keeping it in my beard for longer. As always, I took the dog out for a walk on the beach to see how Causeway would fare in the sea air! It was raining that day and it definitely weakened the fragrance. It still managed to hang in there for about 4 hours though so that was a plus.


Carrier oils contain the benefits for your beard and skin. Most beard companies use similar oils as they are known for their moisturising properties and for making your beard healthy. Cosy Beard is no different and has a fine selection here. Hemp seed oil isn’t widely used in beard oils although it is growing in popularity. Hare’s a look at what’s inside.

Grape Seed

Grape seed oil is rich in linoleic acid, a polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid. Essential fatty acids are the building blocks of healthy cells. They hydrate, moisturize, and soften skin. It absorbs into your beard and skin quickly as it is very thin and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy.

The oil promotes healthy hair growth which doesn’t mean it will make your hair grow quicker! However, it will make your hair stronger and more healthy. Just like castor oil, it helps to reduce beardruff which can be a problem.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is derived from the seeds of the jojoba shrub, a perennial native to the North American deserts. The oil of the jojoba seed is extracted by cold-pressing, a process that helps maintain the rich nutritional value of the oil. The oil has plenty of antioxidants including vitamins A and E.

These help to stop or reduce itchiness of the skin. This is particularly helpful in the early stages of beard growth. It is also great for your beard hair as the oil molecules are similar to sebum. It can also help to make your hair stronger which is very helpful when you brush or comb your beard a lot.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is known to be beneficial to your skin and can help to moisturise your skin and hair. Hailing from the Argan Tree, which is endemic to Morocco, it is also used as a dip for bread etc. It is often used in face creams due to its potential to reduce wrinkles.

Hemp Seed

This oil helps to moderate oil production by moisturising your skin without clogging the pores. It can help to reduce acne and is used as an anti-inflammatory.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of those oils that makes me ask questions. It is said to help reduce the risk of heart disease, however, studies have shown that it has little or no effect. And, besides, there wouldn’t be enough of it in 30ml of beard oil to have any impact at all. It can be beneficial for the skin and has been used to reduce scarring.

Feel in my Beard and skin

My skin felt healthy and well moisturised after using Causeway for 7 days. The oil absorbed into my skin easily and didn’t leave any residue. My beard also felt nice and soft although the greys were still a bit wiry! I’m not sure which carrier softens my greys so I will do some digging on that!

The oil is a medium viscosity which is ideal and my beard lapped it up like a thirsty dog in summer. I am going to look more into the benefits of both Hemp seed and Vitamin E at some point soon. I want to find out exactly what the benefits are as both of these have contradicting findings. Watch out for a post in the near future!


Well, there’s no vikings around so that’s 1 point in it’s favour! In fact I really like the logo that Cosy Beard has as it is clean, fresh and simple. Some brands put too much into their logos and it can be

a bit overbearing. This one is just right.

The scents are very original in my opinion and really bring to life the Irish theme that Josh wanted for his brand. I wasn’t too sure about Butterscotch but it is a really pleasant scent. He has done a really good job on making a brand that looks elegant and appealing to everyone. This is something that wives or girlfriends will look at and buy due to its simple yet pleasing aesthetics.

Value for Money

With a starting price point of £12.99 for 30ml it is on par with the current batch of premium oils. With its original scent and simple yet elegant logo it really does have that premium feel about it and for me it’s a great price. You can also get the oils in 50ml bottles for £3 more which is a steal and really adds that extra bit of value to an already fantastic price.


This is a fantastic oil and what makes it even more amazing is the owner doesn’t have a full beard yet! He is only 22 to be fair and starting on his journey to Beard greatness! There was obviously a lot of thought put into making this and it has turned out to be an excellent product.

The overall feel of this brand sits really well in the market and a genuine care from Josh gives this company a great footing as it expands and grows. His customer service is outstanding and I can see big things for this brand in 2021!

If you want to make a purchase you can visit www.cosybeard.com. You won’t regret it!


Thanks for stopping by to read my Review of Causeway Beard Oil by Cosy Beard. While you are here why not check out my Review of Thefall Clothing Hoody!

Take care and keep growing


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