Runesilk Revolution Beard Oil Review

That’s right I’m back with a review. My first one of 2023! In fact, it’s my first review since August 2022. Why have I taken so long. Because all good things come to those who wait!
Talking of good things, my first review of the year is well renowned UK beard brand Runesilk. Let’s dive in to the Runesilk Revolution Beard Oil Review.

Runesilk, who are they?

Runesilk are one of the most recognisable brands in the UK today. It is owned/run/managed by Daniel, the handsome chap with the awesome beard pictured below!! Runesilk started out as a sunglasses’ brand with Daniels love for Eco friendly made products being high on his agenda. The wooden sunglasses’ appealed to him and so he started selling at markets. Whilst out selling his wares in October 2019 he realised that sunglasses’ weren’t really a winter seller. He needed something to keep him going all year round.

Having had a beard for as long as he can remember (Daniels own recollection of his self history is, according to himself, shit!), it was a natural progression into the world of beard care. Thus, Revolution was born as the first in an impressive range. Uniquely, it was a balm that set Runesilk on the journey to greatness. Most brands start with oils but not Daniel!

He quickly followed up with the Revolution oil which became a best-seller. Along came the elements, Air, Water, Earth and Fire in both oil and balm before the subject of today’s review. Dark Night Butter!! Runesilk is also now a registered trademark so they are here to stay and Daniel tells me he has loads planned for the future of Runesilk.
Daniel got married in Thailand in 2019 and has three children, two girls and a boy.

The Review

Before I get started I want you to know that I only review products with a CPSR. That stands for Cosmetic Product Safety Report and it is a legal requirement. Brands that don’t have this for their products cannot legally trade. Runesilk have all their ducks in a row here which is exactly how it should be.

In my reviews I’m going back to basics and breaking each product into to 4 categories. Scent, Carrier blend, Branding and Value for Money. I will then rate each category which will give us a final score.

Revolution is what started it all off for Dan and I was excited to get it in my beard! How will Runesilk fare? Let’s find out.


The description of the scent on the website depicts this oil as perfect to take your evening up a notch. Is this the date night scent I’ve been searching for? The short answer, in my opinion, is no. Here’s why.

The essential oils used in the fragrance blend are Bergamot, Sandalwood and Black Pepper. It starts for me with the slightly woodsy aroma you get from sandalwood and it really helps when the tang of citrus from the bergamot kicks in. Sandalwood is a great essential oil that goes well with many other scents.

The citrus isn’t too punchy, it’s more of a warm release of citrusness (I think I made that word up!). It spreads over the sandalwood and becomes it’s own being but in a nice, friendly way.
There is very little kick from the black pepper which is a real shame for me. I love that intense fragrance that it brings, clearing your airways and hitting your brain like a hammer. There is something there but it is more of a delicate flower than a blunt instrument.

Does this mean it isn’t any good?

It’s actually a really pleasant scent that just hugs you and tries to talk you into being its friend. Some citrus scented oils come at you like a drunk on a Saturday night who just wants to punch someone. Not Revolution. This guy is wanting to take you home, make you a cup of cocoa, read you a bedtime story and tuck you in.

The lack of kick from the black pepper stops this from being an all out success. I love the fire it gives you but I just didn’t get that from this oil. The fact, it is so gentle and timid is not a bad thing at all, but it’s not what I want to take my evening up a notch. I want the scent to be all consuming, womanizing (or mananising, is that a thing?) take me to bed kind of smell that just cannot be resisted.

It’s nice, your wife and your mum will approve and it’s a lovely scent to have in your collection. For me it is more of a day out to the shops’ kind of scent but, we all have different opinions! The scent doesn’t last as long as I would like, on average I got about 3 hours when I knew it was there. But it faded quickly after that leaving just the faint memory of what it once was.
Longevity isn’t a deciding factor as it is such a variable depending on the surrounding environments, but, I generally like my scents to last about 6-8 hours.

Carrier Blend

Some people say that the scent of a product is the most important aspect when buying a beard product. For me it is the carrier Blend. I love to try different blends and a company that really experiments and pushes the boat out excites me the most.

Runesilk have used a tried, tested and trusted carrier blend as the base of their products. Argan, Sweet Almond, Hemp and Jojoba are all widely used in beard oils. The difference these can make does vary from brand to brand depending on how much of each is used. To be fair to Dan here, hemp seed oil wasn’t as widely used when he first created his products as it is now.

Even though it is quite a basic blend the oils work well together, doing their jobs of hydrating your skin and moisturizing the beard. They are 100% pure, unrefined and cold pressed which is ideal. This does mean that these oils are of a higher quality than some where they just buy the cheapest possible carriers (white label products generally have the cheapest ones available).

How did my beard feel?

Well, I’m in the early stages of growing a beard so using an oil is more beneficial for me personally. With the stubble turning into short hair, the skin can start to flake. Oil is great in relieving those symptoms and the carrier oils played a big part in me not having the dreaded itch.

Dan does a great job of blending the carriers together so they work to their strengths and they did work. I din’t get the itch and my skin felt hydrated and fresh. The short hairs that I do have were soft and manageable. The best thing was that the oil didn’t leave a greasy feel. Some products leave that icky feeling on your skin and beard but Revolution simply worked its way into the pores and left literally no residue on the surface.

The effects of the carrier oils lasted for a good 6 hours on average and that might be down to only having to use 3/4 drops due to the shortness of my scruff. It’s not a bad length of time and with more drops it isn’t a problem. As my beard grows, the more drops I will need!


I cover everything in branding from the logo to the label. From the packaging to the customer service, it’s all in here! Let’s dive in with the logo first.

Runesilks logo is simple, clean and crisp. They re branded in 2018 adding “jera” to the logo. Jera means year. It also means patience, time and right effort. This is the basic meanings but you can find out more on Google! The logo is striking in its simplicity and has a neutrality that you don’t often see in beard brands. That would mainly be down to the fact that Runesilk was first and foremost a sunglasses’ company!

The labels

A white label with different shades of grey and black making up the logo and writing giving it a feeling of depth. It has all the necessary information on the label including, the business address, the ingredients in INCI, the quantity and the length of time you can use the product once opened. the only thing missing is a batch number. Batch numbers are required by regulations so that any issues arising from a product can be traced back to the source.


I have to say that the branding for Runesilk is unique. It isn’t just a picture of a beard or a viking with a beard. It has meaning for the owner and therefore makes it special. The branding doesn’t stand out as much as some brands do. It isn’t in your face, loud and obnoxious.
Simple, elegant and clean is the best way I can describe the branding for Runesilk.

Value for Money

Here we get down to it. Value for money is determined by lots of different factors. To some people it means that it has good quality ingredients. To others, it means the product has amazing packaging or it could mean that they love the scent, therefore they will pay more money. Just because you charge £25 for 30ml (Crazy amount there by the way!!) it doesn’t mean that it is better than a £9.99 bottle!

For me, I like to break it down in to what I think is true value. Does the product smell nice? Does it help my beard feel soft and hydrated? Does the branding look luxurious or cheap? How is it delivered to me, i.e does it come in a box, a jiffy bag or does it come hand delivered by the brand owner himself?!

The breakdown

Most beard companies sell 30ml bottles of oil but Runesilk Revolution comes in a 50ml bottle. At £13.99 this makes it an absolute bargain! The bottle comes in a black cylinder with the Runesilk branding and looks like real quality has arrived on your doorstop.

The customer service from Dan is excellent. He is always willing to talk to his customers on social media and is a very approachable person. This is something that small business owners should be doing but not all of them do!

With the great carrier oil base, the customer service and the price this gets the nod from me on Value for money!


Runesilk has been around for a long time in the world of beard care. They have a loyal customer base and have developed some fantastic products. One of my favourite beard butters is Runesilk’s Dark Night butter and you can read the review here.

With that in mind I would definitely recommend making a purchase from Runesilk. If this oil doesn’t seem like the one for you then there are plenty more to choose from!
Dan has invited me to be a part of his Kickbooster programme and I can give you 10% off if you click the button below. I will earn a small commission from any sales but not enough to quit my day job!!

That’s the end of my Runesilk Revolution Beard Oil Review, I hope you enjoyed it. comment below with your Runesilk experience and let me know what you think of their products.
Until next time, take care and keep growing

Runesilk Revolutions Beard Oil Review


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