The Tauros company was founded in 2019 and is based in Nuremburg, Germany. Pat Schneider was a man who wanted a special wallet but he couldn’t find one. So he made his own! Read on to see what I thought about it in the Tauros Wallet Review.

What did I get?

First, let me tell you about the different collections that Tauros have available. They have 5 different styles of wallet. The Palace is made with finely brushed aluminium and comes in 8 colourways.

The Royal collection is a smoother aluminium with a sunshine effect and comes in 5 colours. Alpha is the style I went for and is smooth with a glittery look to it. It comes in 6 different colours.

The Titan and the Carbon ranges have a different style than the other 3 wallets. They both come with 3 colours. The Carbon has a wafer thin layer of carbon fibre optics.

So, I went for the Alpha wallet in silver and I have to say I liked it immediately!

Putting it to the test.

As with any product review I do, I have to test it out. Once I took the wallet out of the box I could feel the quality straight away. It is lightweight but sturdy, made with space-grade aluminium and it oozes class

With a slim 9mm profile it looked great and would fit in your pocket with no problems! But how would it feel holding some cards in it?

I only had 10 cards on me so I put them all in and yes, it more than doubled in size. However, it still felt slim enough not to cause discomfort in your pocket. The strong elastic holding it together felt like it could stretch further without damaging the wallet or cards. I have 4 key factors that I look at with wallets, Style, feel, lastability and value for money.


This wallet is the epitome of stylish. It looks fantastic and really classy. Almost too nice for a guy like me to be in possession of one! Of course, Tauros is designed to fit into any pocket.

The sleek lines and the slim profile make this one of, if not the best card wallet I have ever had. To top it off, it comes with a free cash clip for you to attach a couple of £20’s to!

For style, this wallet is at the top of the food chain.


The wallet is slim with a 9mm profile and lightweight. It feels comfortable in your hand, easy to hold and fits into your pocket nicely. Even with the cash clip on it doesn’t hinder the feel of the wallet.

You really feel like you have something of real quality when you have one of these wallets in your hand or pocket.


It’s too early to say with any degree of honesty but I can give you my opinion. The main part of the wallet, the aluminium sides are going to last for some considerable time. They are lightweight, yes, but also feel sturdy.

If you drop your wallet on a hard surface then it will get damaged, either scratched or chipped. I haven’t tested that theory yet but I do think that’s a possibility.

It is the elastic strips that keep the wallet together where I think there will be a weakness. Again, its very early in my use of the wallet to make any certain judgement on this.

The elastic does look strong and so far it is keeping the wallet together with no signs of wear. It’s something I will definitely revisit after using it for longer.

Value for money.

If you have read my reviews before you will know that this is the hardest of the 4 as value depends on many different factors. This is purely my opinion on what I feel is good value for money.

The wallets start at €60* (*Price correct at time of writing. For the most up to date price visit, which does seem expensive for a wallet. When you compare it to other card wallets though then it seems a bit more reasonable.

Leather, faux leather and material card wallets start at around £10 and can go up to over £300!! I know, that’s madness! Louis Vuitton have wallets for sale at £320.

When you look at it like that, the Tauros wallet starts to look like a bargain. With the material, the style and feel of this wallet, I would say that this wallet is definitely value for money.


I really like this wallet. I currently have a faux leather card wallet which is nice. This wallet though, makes it look like a gift out of a Christmas cracker!

It is stylish, well-made, looks and feels great. I will more than likely buy another one in a different colour sometime soon! If you like wallets then this is definitely one to add to your list.

One of the best things about this wallet is that for a small fee you can get it engraved with your initials. This gives it a more personal touch and my next wallet will absolutely be sporting my initials!

You can see what I think of the wallet on my YouTube video below. Please have a look, like and subscribe to my channel for loads more reviews and much more!

Thanks for stopping by to read the Tauros Wallet Review. If you have a beard check out my Bartel’s Beard Oil Review.

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If you click the image below it will take you directly to the Tauros shop where you can purchase one of these awesome wallets! And, if you put the code TBB15 in at the checkout you will get 15% off the price! What are you waiting for?

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