The Bald Viking Berserkers Rage Review

Vikings. I have had it with Viking Beard products. There is nothing out there today that would make me buy another Viking themed bea……………… Hold on, what’s this? Damn, that looks epic! Okay, maybe I’ll try one more! Read The Bald Viking Berserkers Rage Review to find out my thoughts.

Who are The Bald Viking Beard Company?

Well, The Bald V…. let’s call it TBVBC for short! TBVBC was started by Callum when he found himself disappointed with the beard oils that were available. He didn’t want to put sunflower oil in his beard, he wanted proper oil! So he went on a mission to find the right carrier blend for his beard!

I will get to the carriers later but Callum found out that the ones he tried were perfect for his beard. He created the thickest Beard Oil I have ever tried! This stuff is so thick that the dropper can barely fill more than half way. Is thicker better though? Let’s find out in my review.

Are The Bald Viking CPSR Approved?

Yes they are! Callum is on the ball with ensuring his products are fully compliant. In fact he even has the front page of his CPSR available to view. Check it out here. I have seen all the reports myself so you can rest assured everything is safe. Read my blog What is a CPSR and why is it important?

Now that the formalities are over, let’s get on with The Bald Viking Berserkers Rage Review.


Think of Spain and then think of orchards with orange trees. You can smell that tangy orangey scent as you walk through the trees and this is what Berserkers Rage reminds me of. The Mandarin comes at you, enhanced by Neroli, to give you a blast of citrusy goodness that fills your nostrils. I thought orange would be an odd fragrance to have in my beard but this really took me by surprise.

The lemon comes in fairly quickly and gives it a bitter edge that is fresh and vibrant. Mixed together this scent is a really good blend and works so well. It combines the zest of lemon with the tang of mandarin and it definitely wakes up your senses! Would it keep those senses awake though?


I’m not going to waffle on about how long I like a scent to last as that is my preference. Instead, let me focus on the actual durability of the oil.

With such a thick oil I thought this scent would be an all day fragrance, sitting there smelling all orangey. I was quite surprised when after about four hours I couldn’t smell the oil anymore. Now, I know that our senses become used to a smell and we start to become what I call nose blind to it. However, I usually get odd whiffs of scent as the day goes on with most products.

This one had definitely left earlier than expected though. It lasted the same amount of time no matter what I was doing so there is a consistency there. It could be the fact that Callum uses all essential oils and no fragrance oils but other companies do that as well. Still, 4 hours is about average for most oils these days and although the scent fades the oil itself goes nowhere!


Callum decided to go with only 2 carrier oils which is something a lot of brands don’t do. 3 or more is the normal amount but Callum plays by his own rules and doesn’t conform to society! He went for Castor Oil and Sweet Almond Oil and let me tell you, they work together a treat.

The castor is what makes his oils so thick and you would think it just sits on the beard all day and it sort of does. I’ll explain. When you apply the oil to your beard, working it in through to the skin, it doesn’t soak in like some thinner oils. This one clings to your hairs and wraps them in an embrace, hugging tightly and spreading its goodness all over.

The oil coats your beard all day and night until you wash your beard, literally! It does work really well in softening the hair and keeping it well nourished! Check out what the carriers do below.


Castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid. This really helps to mousturise and hydrate the skin under your beard which can be difficult to do, especially with a big beard. It can also help to reduce acne which can appear when you first start to grow your beard.

The main benefit for your beard is in helping to reduce beardruff. This is when your skin gets itchy and flaky, similar to dandruff. Castor oil will also lubricate the hair shaft which helps make it stronger and less susceptible to breakage.

Sweet Almond

This is another oil that is great for both your skin and hair. Almond oil can help soothe and improve acne, especially good for when you first start growing a beard. It also treats dry skin which you can get under your beard if you don’t use the right products. There is plenty of vitamin E in this oil which is good for protecting and even repairing your skin from sun damage. For your hair, there is plenty of B-7 or Biotin which is great for keeping your whiskers strong and healthy.


Okay, having a Viking brand isn’t very original. There are loads of Viking themed Beard products available but TBVBC has done a couple of things that help them stand out. First of all the logo is good. A skull with a beard and tattoo with Norse symbols on the forehead. Then you have the 50ml bottle. Most companies opt for 30ml but not TBVBC. They have gone big!

So the theme isn’t overly original but the logo is, what about the oil itself.

Well, the carrier blend consists of only 2 oils but the thickness of the oil is definitely something you don’t see very often. It is this which gives it an authentic feel and actually a bit of originality as well. While most brands are experimenting with wild and wonderful carriers, TBVBC have gone for a simple but effective recipe. And it works!

Value for Money

At £13 for a 50ml bottle, this is great value. The product is all natural, essential oils and you can tell that real passion has gone into creating this brand and the oils. It is priced in the mid range category but it is a premium oil that you are getting. I would normally expect a 50ml bottle to sell for around the £15-£20 mark so you are getting loads here for your money!

If you want to get yourself some Berserkers Rage or any of the other oils you can buy them by clicking the link below!


I love the thickness of this oil, it wraps each whisker with a tender hug and nourishes it deep down into the roots. The scent is well worked and evokes dreams of sunny places and orange groves. My only issue is the scent duration which I would prefer to stretch for a bit longer. Take nothing away from everything else though, its a great example of a luxury product.

One of the things that really pleases me is the care and attention that is put into making the oil. There are no fragrance oils which is probably why the scent doesn’t last as long. (There is nothing wrong with FO’s by the way!) This product and in fact all of them, are made with essential oils which makes creating the perfect scent so much harder than using pre-blends. It is this level of detail that makes TBVBC stand out.


Thanks for reading The Bald Viking Berserkers Rage Review. I hope you enjoyed it and if you have tried their oils already, let me know what you think in the comments.

I’ll be back on Monday with a quick blog but in the meantime, take care and keep growing



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